Abstrakt Instruments Will Offer An OB-X Rack Synthesizer Kit If They Reach The Kickstarter Stretch Goal!

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When the $25.000 stretch goal is reached, Abstrakt Instruments will not only offer individual PCB’s but also a complete kit that allows you to build your own OB-X Synthesizer!

For some time you can participate in a Kickstarter project of the company Abstrakt Instruments. Here the company offers new spare parts of the OB-X analog Synthesizer. These includes voice cards, motherboard, filter boards and more. Because the project was very successful so far, they move on and aim to offer complete OB-X Synthesizer kits when they reach the stretch goal of $25K. These are replicas parts of the OB-X but are fully compatible with the vintage synth.

Whether it becomes a reality depends on whether you reach your goal of $25K. It shows, however that the interest in replicas/clones is big and that other companies than Behringer are interested in such products.

What Abstrakt Instruments Has To Say

This is your chance to help fund and procure parts for the iconic Oberheim OB-X synthesizer. This is a passion project which came about through product development & engineering. We have built and tested numerous assemblies from our favorite vintage synths for the purpose of studying the intricacies of each design. After testing, these parts are generally used in our in-house machines or neatly stored away. In the case of the OB-X, employees & visitors alike were asking to remake these parts. Since we are not in the primary business of selling parts or kits it took some convincing. These designs are completely finished. We’ve established a goal of $10k to make sure we have enough quantity to hit our pricing targets. If the goal is reached at the end of the funding period we will immediately send out for the parts to be made. We do not anticipate offering these parts for sale in the future. This project is more of a give-back to the vintage synth community as opposed to a practical money-making venture. 

You can pre-order the following parts:

  • *OBX Voice Card PCB
  • *OBX Voice Card PCB Assembly
  • *OBX Motherboard PCB
  • *OBX Motherboard PCB Assembly
  • *OBX Motherboard Tray
  • *OBX 4-Voice Expansion Kit
  • *OBX 8-Voice Kit
  • *OBX Filter Control Board Assembly

Stretch Goal

If funding reaches $25k we will be offering parts & assemblies for a full rack enclosure, front end, and power supply to build your own *OBX rack. We have already developed a front end for testing our *OBX parts but need to raise enough funds to make it worthwhile to dedicate resources to finish development on the full kit. 

The *OBX rack kit will consist of the following:

  • Rack Enclosure with front panel
  • Panelboard PCB & BOM for building the front end
  • Motherboard PCB Assemblies for rack version
  • I/O board PCB Assembly
  • Power Supply Assembly

Do not *OBX Motherboards if looking to build the rack version, alternate motherboards would be used.

Estimated budget for these parts & assemblies is $995.

More information here: Abstrakt Instruments 

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