Superbooth 21: 1010music blackbox 1.9, advanced granular controls, tap tempo & more

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For the Superbooth 21, 1010music is releasing a major free update 1.9 for its neat standalone sampler blackbox with new advanced granular controls, tap tempo & more.

Superbooth 21, we have to wait another week for the Synthesizer event of the year. The news stream of new products has long since started.

The US-based company 1010music will also be there with its digital modules and standalone boxes. One of the latter got a major free update.

1010music blackbox 1.9

1010music blackbox 1.9

The new Blackbox 1.9 firmware is currently still beta but offers many new features for the blackbox sampler. New onboard is tap tempo functionality that can be activated using the tempo button in the upper left on the SONG page. With this, you can also change the current tempo of the LFO per voice (press three times) with an option for beat sync. This is also available for the sample, clip, granular, and slicer modes.

The main blackbox engine also got a major boost. Firmware 1.9 brings a new 4-band parametric EQ on the master output and resonance control on the filter. And the latter can be modulated in the same way as the cutoff. Taking about modulation. You can now modulate the envelope settings (ADSR) including control via MIDI CC.  The granular engine now offers more advanced controls including density, scatter, and pan spread. This makes the granular engine more useful and versatile. Good addition.

The integrated delay effect algorithm has also been improved and now has a band-pass filter and the ability to play just a single echo.

MIDI Update

On the MIDI side, you can now program MIDI-only sequences. For this, you need to choose MIDI as a cell type. This update also includes a layout for notes received on the MIDI Pad channels (s):

  • Notes 68-83: Record pads 1-16. The pad needs to be empty in order for recording to happen.
  • Notes 84-99: Clear pads 1-16
  • Note 100: Select the previous pad
  • 101: Select the next pad
  • 102: Play the currently selected pad
  • Note 103: Record the currently selected pad assuming it is empty
  • Note 104: Clear the currently selected pad

blackbox 1.9 layout

New Layout

On top, 1010music refreshed the user interface of the blackbox with new, more convenient layouts with onscreen knobs and fewer screens. That looks a lot better in my opinion. Attention, the current version is still a beta version, which may still contain bugs.

My good colleagues from the German Synthesizer podcast took a quick look in their latest episode.

The 1010music blackbox firmware 1.9 (beta) is available as a free download from the official forum. The blackbox is available now for 599€.

More information here: 1010music

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