Superbooth 21: Befaco Noise Plethora & MEX trigger expander for Muxlicer, first look

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Befaco rings in a noisy Superbooth 21 with the Noise Plethora, a three-channel hybrid noise source, and MEX, a new trigger expander for the Muxlicer. 

There are only two days left until the Superbooth 21 starts. And yes the excitement is getting bigger every day. Eurorack will be the big topic again this year, that’s for sure. Oscillators, filters, envelopes, … and especially this year drum voices will be presented.

Befaco from Barcelona will also be on the Superbooth 21 with two new modules. One of them is a special sound generator that dares to do something new. Usually, you only know it in a very simple form.

Superbooth 21 Befaco Noise Plethora MEX

Befaco Noise Plethora

Oscillators are tons on the market. Many of them do the same (3340 chips…), and few developers dare to do something new by implementing complex ideas. Befaco is going a different way with its new big module Noise Plethora. Instead of luring more harmonics out of a classic oscillator, they dedicate themselves to the noise source. Something refreshing new.

Noise Plethora is a three-channel noise generator with different digital algorithms. The module has small displays that show you which of the algorithms is currently active. You can select the algorithm with a knob or CV-control the selection opening the door for crazy stuff. The algorithms come with a set (X/Y) of CV-controllable parameters with which you can easily adjust the noise sources or send them to completely other directions.

Each channel has an analog multimode filter (LP/BP/HP) that gives the noise sources warmth and an additional shaping option. Handy to filter out harmonic content from the noise sources and make the whole thing duller and darker. The filtering stage also offers CV control for creative noise filtering. The module can be used in many ways: as a percussive generator for hats… or as a deep noise machine for harsh glitches, industrial growls, and textures. This is definitely a special kind of noisemaker.

Befaco MEX

MEX, the second module release, is a trigger expander for the super versatile Muxclider sequential signal processor. It adds a new line of gates to Muxlicer’s sequence with an option to turn off the steps, output the same number of gates as Muxlicer, or sending just one. It’s an expander that makes the Muxclicer more flexible and deeper. And pretty cool, you can daisy chain them as many as desired.

An interesting lineup of new modules. I like the idea of the Noise Plethora very much because it’s something new. Digital noise with analog filters. Digital noise with an analog filter sounds like a very interesting combo. And this three times. That’ll be pretty sure a rich noisy affair. Looking forward to checking it out.

Both new Befaco modules (Noise Plethora, MEX) will premiere at Superbooth 21. Noise Plethora will be out in the first week of November for a price of 350€ (with tax) and MEX for 85€ (with tax) in the last week of October 2021. You can find Befaco in one of the outside tents at table Z190.

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