SILHOUETTE Synthesizer Turns Video Data Into Sounds, Premieres At Superbooth 19

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Analog oscillators/filters, semi-modular Synthesizers, vintage synth clones, etc. Many are already in our studios and exist in big quantities on the market. At the Superbooth 19, also instruments will premiere that are completely different. One of these will be the SILHOUETTE, a new crazy looking hardware Synthesizer that turns video data into sounds. SILHOUETTE is based on optical sound technologies found in 16mm & 35 mm films. The oscillator used here is the camera input signal or photo files that you can load in.

SILHOUETTE Synthesizer

It has a built-in analog filter from René Schmitz called Sallensteiner v1. The developer will also build a Eurorack module with these filters. Not only the different synth engine arouses interest but also the crazy design: two large joysticks left and right (a synth for captains?), a huge display and a large control panel. Crazy idea for a synth in my opinion.

Check out the video below for a first look at SILHOUETTE.

Detailed information will follow on Superbooth 19 next week. Stay tuned.

More information here: SILHOUETTE

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