Superbooth 21: Leak, Erica Synths PERKONS HD-OI, new drum machine with thunder power?

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According to the new Superbooth 21 leak, Erica Synths has entered into a deal with the Baltic god of thunder for a new unique drum machine. 

There is news from Erica Synths for Superbooth 21. So far, the Latvian company has been calm with new releases. But I have a leak for you that unveils a new instrument that will probably premiere in Berlin next week. The picture comes from an IG account called El.Metal Official who developed a very futuristc, stand called Reptile on which you can see the new product.

It’s called Perkons HD-OI and it seems like the handsome Erica has teamed up with the mighty Baltic god of thunder “Perkūnas”. One can only speculate what it is, but it looks suspiciously like a new drum machine.

Erica Synths Perkons HD-OI

Erica Synths PERKONS HD-OI

It looks a lot like a new drum machine. Analog, digital or even hybrid I don’t know. On the interface, we can see that it consists of 5 sectionswhich probably offers different drum sounds. Each voice secton has 8 dedicated pots that provides different settings. One of them is certainly a volume.

There is also a visual sequencer with 4 bars represented with classic TR-style buttons and a potentiomenter at each end. Super interesting is the right side. Here you have a joystick, that we already know from the SYNTRX or Dada Noise System. You can probably assign parameters to this, make them on the fly or record wild automations. Drum machine with recordable joystick sounds like a crazy combo.

All the details will be known shortly before or during Superbooth 21. I have an appointment with the Erica team on Wednesday, so stay tuned for a first look video. I’m very looking forward to see it in action as it could be a very unique approach to an analog drum machine. Especially the joystick is super tempting.

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