Leaf Audio is offering a Dronesynth & NoiseFoc VCO DIY workshop at Superbooth 21

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Leaf Audio is offering a DIY workshop at Superboth 21 for a 4-oscillator Dronesynth and an experimental light-controllable oscillator named NoiseFoc. 

The Superbooth 21 will be a slightly different Synthesizer fair this year. A lot in nature, fewer exhibitors and at a different time of the year. We’ll see if it will have the same lovely atmosphere with wearing masks in the interior and keeping distance. I think it will be different but we should be happy that a Superbooth is taking place.

There will be also numerous beginner-friendly DIY workshops again during Superbooth 21. One of them holds the German company Leaf Audio, which among other things also operates the online shop Exploding Shed.

Leaf Audio DIY Workshop

Leaf Audio Dronesynth

You can solder two products on the Superbooth 21. The first is a Dronesynth with four oscillators with a built-in filter in a neat wooden box. It features two separate channels with two oscillators each, including OSC sync and mixing options per channel. You can only control the OSC frequencies manually with the individual knobs. It doesn’t offer CV controls. Thus it’s very hands-on.

Both channels go through a Low/High-Shelving Tilt-Filter which shares a cutoff control. There is also a VCA that has a CV input for additional modulation. Dronesynth can be powered by batteries or a power supply. Soldering the Dronesynth is aimed at beginners says Leaf Audio. Experienced people who are in the mood for a bit of soldering fun and for a noisemaking machine are also invited.

Certainly not a mind-blowing Synthesizer, but a simple and nice-sounding drone Synthesizer is always nice to have. And you can take your first steps in soldering with other synthesizers interested.

Leaf Audio NoiseFoc

The second soldering option is the NoiseFoc, an experimental/chaos VCO. It features an unusual power-starving, that leads the Oscillator-core to uncontrollable chaos and screaming sounds. The module includes a CV-influence input and light control over 1 oscillator, so you can manipulate/play it with lamps or by covering the sensor.

NoiseFoc is certainly not a standard oscillator but one that can enrich any system with dirty, noisy tones. Leaf Audio says it’s nice for noise sounds or as a basis for hi-hats/bell-like sounds. It can also be used as a unique CV source.

The soldering menu is ready. Now it’s up to you what you want to solder. Both are interesting projects that you can solder on the Superbooth on a nice day.

Tickets for the Leaf Audio Dronesynth & Noisefoc DIY workshop are available now. The Dronesynth costs 85€ and the Noisefoc 75€ and covers the advance payment for the workshop. The DIY workshop will take place on September 16th between 3 pm and 7 pm in the DIY tent

More information here: Leaf Audio

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