Superbooth 21: Aodyo Instruments Anyma Phi physical modeling synth first look & sound demo

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Superbooth 21: I got a first look at the Aodyo Instruments Anyma Phi, a new monophonic physical modeling Synthesizer from France. 

The Superbooth 21, an event with many new product announcements. It was also the first event after these special months where you could play many products, initially released in 2020 for the first time.

One of them comes from France from Aoydo Instruments, manufacturer of the SYLPHYO electronic wind instrument. Their new product is called Anyma Phi and is a desktop physical modeling Synthesizer that was financed through a Kickstarter campaign. I reported about it.

Aodyo Anyma Phi Superbooth 21

Aodyo Instruments Anyma Phi

Anyma Phi is a digital desktop Synthesizer that uses a semi-modular Synthesizer engine. It uses physical modeling and analog modeling synthesis to simulate acoustic sound sources. This includes strings or reeds, as well as resonating structures, like wood, glass, or metal. The engine is monophonic, has 3 versatile oscillator slots, 16 modulator slots (envelopes, LFO, curves, slew limiters…), 32 mapping slots, 5 effects, and more.

The developers added additional features thanks to Kickstarter. One is a percussive playing surface right on the user interface that uses a piezo microphone to capture sounds. Also, it got a super useful patch librarian and editor. It gives you a complete overview of the engine and an option to import/export patches. Part of the addons was also an extended memory with up to 200 internal patches.

On the connection side, it has stereo audio outputs, a stereo input that can be used as a trigger as an exciter (guitar…), MIDI In/Out DIN sockets, USB as well as a USB host for connecting your MIDI controller.

Aodyo Anyma Phi First Look

I got a demo on Superbooth 21. Even if the synth is only monophonic, I enjoyed the synth a lot because after a long time it is again a physical modeling synth in hardware. Hopefully, the developers will continue the engine and bring a major update with polyphony or an Anyma Phi Pro with polyphony.

Aodyo Instruments Anyma Phi is available now for 499€.

More information here: Aodyo Instruments 

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  1. I used to go to amazing moments with Korgs old ex MOSS board in mono mode, good luk with it ,glad ye brought it back , luv Physical Modelled synths , we have real Analouge , Hybreds ,Wavetable , FM , now this , brilliant time to be here ,this looks nice , can’t wait with whats to come from ye ,a small Physical Model Groovebox would be nice too

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