U-he Dark Zebra Now With NKS Support & Zebralette Free Synthesizer Got A Makeover

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U-he Dark Zebra, Hans Zimmer’s dedicated Zebra 2 version is now NKS compatible and Zebralette free Synthesizer got a new GUI.

Good news for all U-he Zebra fans. Urs Heckmann’s team has updated all three versions of the well-known wireless modular Synthesizer. They are now compatible with macOS 10.16 “Big Sur” and comes with an improved preset browser with sound bank support. But that’s not all.

Dark Zebra, the version that was developed for Hans Zimmer, and Zebralette free Synthesizer have received major updates

U-he Dark Zebra NKS

The Dark Zebra 2.9.2

There are important differences between Zebra 2 and ZebraHZ aka Dark Zebra that are often forgotten. Mainly because the version is seen just as a 400 preset big sound library. For example, it comes with 8 extra filters based on Diva models, 4 comb filter modules instead of 2, 8 MSEG envelopes instead of 4, 3 Polymoog™-style resonators with additional full-range band & more.

The new version is now fully NKS-ready as well as macOS 10.16 “Big Sur” compatible. All 400 Dark Zebra presets have now tags and each one now has complete X/Y pad control. The presets sound pretty much like they always did until you start using the pads. While tweaking those extra dimensions, Howard Scarr took the opportunity to use the extra modules added for Hans Zimmer since the initial release.

U-he Zebralette


The lovely free Zebralette Synthesizer has also received a welcome update. It now features a completely new look so she can proudly proclaim her Zebra2 heritage. Definitely, a great update that makes the plugin much easier to use

The new U-he Zebra updates including Dark Zebra are currently only available for macOS and Windows. Linux versions will follow soon.

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