Sinevibes Groove Turns Your Logue Synthesizer In A Multi-Timbral Bass/Drum Machine

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Sinevibes transforms your Korg logue Synthesizer into a versatile synthesis-driven groove box only with the help of a new user oscillator

In the past few months, many developers have shown what power the Korg multi-engine has. Sinevibes is a pioneer who saw the potential of this platform early on and brought very exciting user oscillators/effects to the market. With Groove, they go one step forward and release their most sophisticated algorithm so far. Groove is described as a multi-timbral bass and drum machine for Korg prologue, minilogue xd, and for the little NTS-1 synth.

The engine is based on a network of 14 DSP blocks (three OP FM, subtractive, lo-fi…) that reconfigure in real-time. Groove splits the keyboard range in 7 separate keyboard zones and maps bass, drum, and percussion instruments onto it. All of these elements transform your logue Synthesizer into one a self-contained, groove box-style sound module.

Sinevibes Groove

It’s not a complete unit because often the workflow but also the possibilities are different than in a real groove box. But still, pretty damn cool idea. Each zone features different carefully crafted presets with expressive control and variable trigger probability perfectly to live up bass riffs and drum patterns. Groove also has a specially designed output stage with unusually punchy dynamics – making this plugin fully production- and performance-ready.


  • Multitimbral sound engine with 7 keyboard zones generating bass, drum and percussion instruments.
  • Advanced network of 14 DSP blocks that reconfigures itself in real time, capable of multiple different synthesis methods: three-operator FM, subtractive, lo-fi, and beyond.
  • Internal library of over 70 carefully crafted, production-ready sounds with individual expression control assignments.
  • Trigger probability feature that can be enabled individually per each zone.
  • Specially configured amplifier stage delivering punchy, high-RMS output – as if the sounds were compressed.

Sinevibes Groove is available now for $59 USD and is compatible with Korg prologue, minilogue xd & NTS-1 Synthesizer.

More information here: Sinevibes

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