Unfiltered Audio Unleashed LION, A New Patchable Synthesizer Plugin

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In recent months/years, Unfiltered Audio has brought exciting effect plugins with modular engines to the market. One of these is BYOME, a massive modular multi-fx processor with a wide range of complex effects and infinite possibilities due to his patchable engine.

After many effects, the developers now show their first ever Synthesizer that carries the same DNA as the previous plugins. LION, the name of it is a dual-oscillator synth, each with 26 different modes (subtractive, FM, super-osc to more experimental like granular or noise…) that offers extensive modulation and stereo spread options.

Furthermore, LION is also rather unique in the way that it integrates the mixing facilities within its workflow. It offers different mix modes (linear Xfade, min-max, ring mod…) that allows you to mix the oscillators in an advanced way.

Unfiltered Audio Lion Synthesizer

Besides the wide range of oscillator types, LION offers a Drift mode and Unison variations with which you can design according to the developers very large and lush sounds without using external effects. Let’s see how well that works. Further, the signal goes in the filter section where the user can choose from 15 different filters. Not as many as in Serum or others, but certainly enough.

Single-Interface GUI, BYOME Power & Patchable

What Unfiltered Audio has recently become known for are the well-thought-out interfaces. They also continue this in the upcoming LION Synthesizer. It offers a clear designed single-interface GUI where the user can see everything directly. No second or third page. Also on board is a multi-fx processor that is powered by the same engine found in the previously released BYOME. It includes a massive amount (40+) of effects like delays, reverbs, distortions, granulator…

The most exciting feature on every Unfiltered Audio plugin is the modular engine that is also available in LION. You can draw virtual cables and make patch connections like in a modular synthesizer: modulate effects, change the signal path, etc. The possibilities are endless. The developers have built-in a lot of different modulators that bring life and movement in your sounds. LFO, envelopes, step sequencers, spectral followers, random sources, MPE… just to name a few. Very interesting

Instead of relying on a large number of presets, LION features a scalable randomization engine where you can find the right sounds in a few seconds, including various variations.

This is only a fraction of what LION includes in features. The final information will be available in August but so far this sounds very promising.

Key Features

  • Over 20 unique oscillator modes, each with an optional, unique stereo algorithm
  • Per-voice modulation
  • Eight unique mixing algorithms for smashing together two oscillators
  • A complete BYOME row for unlimited, modular effect processing
  • Intuitive UX through carefully crafted single-page design (No Tabs!)
  • Modulatable unison depth for every oscillator control
  • A new tag-based preset browser
  • Full MPE support with modular routing
  • Full micro tuning support (via TUN files)

Unfiltered Audio LION Synthesizer will be available in August. Price & exact release date: TBA

More information here: Unfiltered Audio

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