Superbooth 22: Instruō làrachd and cuïr, new clever audio routing modules

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Superbooth 22: Instruō has released làrachd, an analog multi-function utility module for interfacing external signals, and cuïr an output module.

Instruō, a Scottish Eurorack company best known for their very market black and gold interface designs. Not only their designs are special, but also their modules, which are packed with features down to the last gap.

For Superbooth 22, they premiered two interfacing modules.

Instruō làrachd cuïr

Instruō làrachd

Làrachd (8HP) is a fully analog multifunction utility mode that offers various methods of interfacing external signals and interactions into musically useful control voltage signals. The module features a stereo line-level to dual mono modular level converter, a condenser microphone, audio enhancer, envelope follower, threshold comparator, and dual footswitch interface (footswitch included).

Instruō promises it’s a true “Swiss Army knife” that finds a purpose in every patch. For example, it can be handy for processing line-level signals with your modular effects. With this huge number of exciting effects modules that can be fully modulated, this is for sure a lot of fun. Or you can control your processors like filters and VCAs with acoustic signals or hands-free record on arbhar or Lúbadh.

It also comes with an interesting footswitch controller. The A button controls a gate and trigger (5m – 500ms) output while pushing the B button produces another Gate with a latch option.

Instruō Cuïr

Cuïr is another lovely-looking Instruō module that premiered at Superbooth 22. It is a final stage output module designed to interface with professional audio equipment outside of the modular synthesis ecosystem.

It is capable to attenuate and convert unbalanced modular level signals to balanced line-level signals so that they’re ready to go into their next stage within the signal path. The module also has a high-quality headphone amplifier and individual attenuation controls. The developers say it’s the one-stop-shop for all of your modular output needs.

Instruō làrachd is available now for pre-order for £319.00 and Cuïr for £239,00. 

More information here: Instruō

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