Sinevibes Rerun 2.0, self-randomizing repeater plugin gets a major update

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Sinevibes has released a major free 2.0 update for Rerun, a self-randomizing macOS plugin that generates chaotic rhythms, glitch effects, and more. 

Sinevibes has been working on a large wave of plugin updates for some time. At the end of August, there was a big update for the innovative bouncing ball delay Dispersion.

The next plugin in this wave is Rerun which is a unique glitch processor that just got a major free update with a refined engine, new GUI, and more.

Sinevibes Rerun 2.0

Sinevibes Rerun 2.0

Rerun 2.0 is a self-randomizing repeater effect plugin for macOS. The concept relies on constantly sampling small slices of incoming audio. Then, it plays them back a number of times and then starts over again. Slices can have a size of up to 600ms and contain up to 50x repetitions. Each time it switches to the next round, Rerun randomizes the slice size and the number of repeats.

There are multiple playback modes including forward, reverse, alternating giving you a wide range of repeating options. Plus, you can adjust the slice envelope time, stereo link, and probability with summed or gate mode to engage the repeater. Rerun supports mono and stereo operation with channel configurations.

The plugin is capable of creating a wide range of experimental, crazy sounds. Sinevibes promise always-changing sounds such as chaotic rhythms, erratic glitches, randomized reversing, and more.

In addition to major engine improvements, the second version also comes with a major GUI update with color-coded graphic elements, scaling, and a built-in preset browser. And yes Pro Tools users with a mac can now also use the plugin as it comes with an AAX version.

A welcomed update for a very experimental plugin from Sinevibes. If you want to add glitches, unusual breaks to your audio tracks, you should take a look at Rerun 2.0.

Sinevibes Rerun 2.0 is available now for $29 USD + VAT. It runs as a VST3, AU, AAX plugin on macOS 10.9+ only. For users of Rerun 1.0, it’s a free upgrade.

More information here: Sinevibes 

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