Puremagnetik Gives Away Fragment Looper Plugin With The New An Moku Less Album

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Support the new album release “Less” from An Moku on Bandcamp and get the new Puremagnetik Fragment dual looper VST/AU plugin as a bonus.

Every month Puremagnetik releases new experimental plugins for little money. Since these are very minimalist, they are very hands-on in the operation. Always remind me of pedals but in plugin format.

For the release of the new An Moku album Less, Puremagnetik has developed a new plugin that exclusively only comes as a bonus to the release.

Puremagnetik Fragment

Puremagnetik Fragment

Fragment is another plugin from Puremagnetik that invites you to experiment. It’s an easy-to-use dual looping plugin inspired by An Moku’s customized looper pedal designed to generate new, modulating fragments of your inputs. The plugin can record two loops, pitch shift them up and down 24 semitones, set modulating start/end times, and fluctuate all of these parameters with volume.

The “Fragment” parameter modulates everything randomly, yet slowly, to create swells and generative automation. According to Puremagnetik, it’s a quick way to sketch out some new ideas and help formulate unique sound phrases.

An Moku Less

The plugin is part of the new album Less by An Moku aka Dominik Grenzler

“​Less​ was my most difficult album to make,” says Dominik Grenzler (aka An Moku). Frustrated by his lack of progress on a concurrent project, he turned to his bass guitar and his effects boxes, and over a two-day session produced a kind of music that was a departure for him: “​Less ​is an approach to Hauntology and drone. I’ve never done those before.

“I knew I wanted to let the bass sound differently,” he explains. “You hear walls of sound full of movement and voltage, but less of the bass. All in all it is less of everything.”

At first glance a nice, experimental plugin with which you can achieve interesting results

Puremagnetik Fragment is available now as a free download when you purchase the new An Moku Less album on Bandcamp. This offer is valid until  April 23, 2021, and you can name the price you want to spend for the album release. In the current times, musicians are happy about every donation. The plugin runs as a VST and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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