G-Storm Electro SH5-VCF brings the Roland SH-5 dual analog filter to Eurorack

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G-Storm Electro has announced the SH5-VCF module, a Roland SH-5 dual analog filter clone/adaption for the Eurorack format. 

Update: the module is available now

The Roland SH-5, a mighty monophonic Synthesizer from 1976. There have been not a lot of replicas/clones on the market. So far AMSynths has a range of modules that covers this vintage synth. But that changed quickly. Over the last weekend, Behringer announced the MS-5, a recreation of the Roland SH-5. And another, smaller company is doing the same but smaller for Eurorack.

Instead of recreating the entire Roland SH-5, G-Storm Electro focuses on the iconic dual analog filter and packs it into a new SH5-VCF module.

G-Storm Electro SH5-VCF

G-Storm Electro SH5-VCF

The SH5-VCF (16HP) features both filters from the Roland SH-5 Synthesizer. First, you get the multimode VCF with a switchable lowpass, bandpass, and highpass option. Like the original, it has sliders for the cutoff frequency and resonance. You can control the filter with two CV signals plus attenuators for the CV inputs and keyboard input.

The bandpass filter (BPF) also has controls for the frequency and resonance with the same CV and keyboard controls. Additionally, you have here an output level knob because the filter has its own output.  On the bottom, the SH5-VCF offers a mixer and a little routing section inspired by the original synth. There are four inputs, each with level control and a routing switch to take it through the first filter (VCF), the second (BPF), or both.

An interesting filter module that is visually very appealing.

G-Storm SH5-VCF is available now for 311,83€ on Reverb.com

More information here: G-Storm Electro

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  1. Please can I take the opportunity to correct you, these are not the first clones! AMSynths have been manufacturing a range of SH05 modules over the last few years; VCO, LFOs, VCF, VCA, AR/ADSR. Thats why Uli reached out to us, in the design of the MS5. AMSynths continues to manufacture these high quality Euro Rack modules, which have proven very popular thanks to careful design.

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