SoundSpot Releases FAT 2 Analog-Style Filter & NEVO Clipper Plugins

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SoundSpot has today released FAT 2, a new versatile analog-style modulation filter, and NEVO, a new easy-to-use clipper plugin for PC & Mac. 

The developers of SoundSpot probably never sleep or maybe robots program the plugins. Who knows but one thing is sure. Almost every month the company shows new products, today even two new plugins.

FAT 2 is a new creative filter and NEVO a new handy clipper plugin for PC & Mac.

Soundspot FAT 2 Nevo

SoundSpot FAT 2

Starting with FAT 2. It’s a new analog-style filter that features 20 different filter types paired with two multi-directional modulation envelopes. You can design your own shapes in the envelopes and so create very complex modulations. According to the developer, it gives you ultimate flexibility and creative possibilities with minimal effort. The FAT 2 filters use a design with a custom resonant peak series that mimic the odd and even harmonics of analog saturation.

However, the harmonic series in FAT 2 goes a step further by both going up and down in the frequency spectrum, or both ways at the same time. The developers promise filters with a new level of clarity, sheen, ad crunch not found in other filters.

SoundSpot NEVO

NEVO features a combination of a 16-band soft clipper and a single-band hard clipper. Additionally, it has multiple coloration settings, a transient shaper, and a final clip wall limiter. You can’t change the signal path, but there is a reason for that. The developers have arranged the features into a specific signal flow which has been designed to get the best results on your instruments, groups, mixes, and masters.

The plugin interface looks very clear and intuitive in my opinion. Consequently, you can work immediately without reading a manual for a long time.

SoundSpot FAT 2 and NEVO are available now in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. The plugins are on sale at Plugin Boutique at an intro discount of 88% off the regular price until December 6th, 2020. Don’t forget: if you buy the plugins at PB, you will choose one free plugin from four different including d16 Group Drumazon…

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