Dnipro Modular Krait, 3-channel knob recorder, LFO & random generator in just 6HP

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Dnipro Modular packs a lot of modulation goodness into its new 6HP wide Krait module: 3-channel knob recorder, LFO & random generator.

Modulation is an essential part of sound design. This sets sounds in motion and makes them more expressive. Without them, sounds would be boring and static. Especially in modular synthesis, where you can control these functions with your hands. But, they also often cost a lot of HP.

Dnipro Modular, the makers of the small DOT, recently introduced a modulation generator that packs a lot of functionality into just 6HP.

Dnipro Modular Krait

Dnipro Modular Krait

Krait has three main functions: it’s can be a three-channel knob recorder, LFO, or loopable random generator. Three channels of modulation goodness in the only 6HP, well done. One of the highlights for me is the narrow, crisp display for menu diving and shows the actual waveform of the modulation at the same time.

The first available function is a knob recorder that can capture your knob turns in up to 8 bar loops. One advantage of this is that you get very complex and organic modulation that is not possible with a classic LFO.  The developer spiced up the recorder with a special gate recoding function. Next, we have an LFO with morphing waveforms, phase offset, and tap tempo. Also in the feature set is a random generator with portamento and the possibility to freeze and loop up to 16 steps.

Each channel can have a function and this can also be synced with the clock input. There is also a CV mixer option for channels 1 and 3. Very handy, all your settings and waveforms will be autosaved and reloaded after power off. And here, a demo of the module.

At first glance, Krait looks like a very exciting modulation module. I like it very much that it takes up very little space in the rack, offers a lot, and plus visual feedback via a neat display. Reminds me of the Patching Panda Ephemere module but in a compact, rack-friendly format.

Dnipro Modular Krait is available now for $230 USD.

More information here: Dnipro Modular

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