Ambalek Fremder, new ambient album release takes you to suburban sylvan spaces

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Fans of cozy and beautiful ambient musicians should now pay attention. Back in July, London-based electronic music artist Ambalek has released a new album named Fremder.

According to the musician, Fremder is a music release that takes you to the suburban sylvan spaces. There are many lovely soundscapes that put you put in a relaxed mode.

Ambalek Fremder

Ambalek only used hand-played electronic instruments during the creative time including:

Ciat Lonbarde Deerhorn, Cocoquantus, Plumbutter, digital piano (sampled via microphone), Eurorack, Novation Peak, and Elektron Digitone. Where necessary loops were made either with cassette tapes or Gauss Field Looper.

Fremder is available now on the Seil Records Bandcamp page for 7€ as a download or for 9€ as a cassette.

More information here: Seil Records

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