OctaSine, Free FM Synth Plugin Inspired By FM8 & Elektron Monomachine

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OctaSine is a new free, open-source FM Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows, and Linux that is inspired by the NI FM8 & Elektron Monomachine.

Free, free, free. There have never been so many high-quality free Synthesizer plugins. I’m pretty sure. And now there is another one to look at.

The virtual instrument comes from the developer Joakim Frostegård and is a new FM Synthesizer that costs you nothing and is open source.



It is a new 4-operator FM Synthesizer plugin (128 voices) that takes inspiration from the beloved Elektron Monomachine and Native Instruments FM8. It features four operators with independent parameters such as volume, panning, modulation index, feedback, three different frequency modifiers (ratio, free and fine), and ADSR volume envelope parameters. Plus, they offer a white noise mode.

One of the strengths of OctaSine is its flexible routing system. It allows you to set the output operators as well as the percentage of signal that is simply added to the final output. By default, it works like in a traditional FM synth (OP4 to OP3…). With the new option, you can make additive synthesis possible. Also nice is the ability to pan the modulation.

Then, you get four LFOs on the bottom with which you can modulate almost all operator parameters and those from the lower index LFOs.  It also includes a master volume, master frequency parameters, and a preset browser. You can also automate all parameters in your favorite DAW on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Joakim Frostegård promises low CPU usage thanks to SIMD-accelerated audio synthesis with runtime feature detection.

At first glance a nice, simple synthesizer with which FM synthesis can learn well

OctaSine is available now as a free download and runs as a VST2 plugin on macOS, Windows, and Linux. The code is open source.

More information here:  Joakim Frostegård

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