Best Free Tremolo Plugins For PC & Mac!

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Many musicians have a limited budget to buy new instruments or effects. Above all, many of them use their budget to buy hardware and less software. Good sounding plugins can be expensive but there are several that cost you nothing. This time, I check out for you the best free tremolo plugins for PC & Mac!

I consider only free chorus plugins that are:

  • for PC & Mac at the same time
  • free for everyone
  • no time restriction
  • 64-bit compatible

Best Free Tremolo Plugins PC/Mac

Pecheneg Tremolo Effect

The Pecheneg VST plugin is a tremolo effect, which has the possibility to adjust the shape of the tremolo modulating curve and to synchronize the frequency with a host, or set it manually. When synchronizing with a host (Tempo: host), the tremolo frequency is adjusted by the knob, which sets the modulation period, while the note type (regular, dotted or triplet) can be selected below the knob.

Pecheneg Tremolo

When set manually (Tempo: man), the tremolo frequency (in Hz) can be set directly with the knob. The Shape, Phase and Symm knobs set the waveform of the modulation, with the amount of modulation set by the Depth knob.

Available here: Pecheneg Tremolo Effect

Adam Monroe’s Tremolo

Adam Monroe’s Tremolo is a free VST and AU effect plugin created as a companion piece to Adam Monroe’s Mark 73 Electric Piano. It combines a standard tremolo effect (amplitude modulation) with a stereo panning effect in a simple, intuitive GUI.

Adam Monroe's Tremolo

Available here: Adam Monroe’s Tremolo

HY-Plugins HY-TP2 Tremolo

HY-TP2 is a free tremolo plugin for PC & Mac that features in the newest version a better interface, two additional LFO shapes and more.


  • 8 modulation waveforms
  • tremolo/panner mode
  • re-sizable plugin window
  • preset manager.

Available here: HY-Plugins HY-TP2 

Aegean Music Doppler Dome

Doppler Dome is a free audio plug-in based on the Doppler effect. Explained simply, the Doppler effect is something that happens to sound when the listener and the sound source are getting closer together or farther apart.

Aegean Music Doppler Dome

Available here: Doppler Dome


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