Behringer Brains Coming June 15th, What Will It Be?

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Late on Friday evening, Behringer published a video teaser for Brains, a new product that will be presented on June 15th.

After a long break, Behringer has reported back with some news in the last few days. On the one hand, you can now order the RD-9 (Roland TR-909 clone) and the flipped Swing, on the other hand, two new products have been announced for June. What is surprising, however, is that they will be available to order immediately.

The Behringer marketing team published a first teaser of this first new product today. The video doesn’t tell us very much except that it’s called Brains.

Behringer Brains

Behringer Brains, What Will It Be?

So far we don’t know what exactly Brains will be. A Synthesizer? A drum machine? A sampler? A groove box or a larger sequencer? Many questions no answer. We have to wait until June 15th, 2021 for the definitive answer. But in the video, you hear a track and you see symbols that want to tell us something.

You can observe an oscillator signal in form of waveforms that possibly go through a waveshaper. It sounds like that. You can also hear a drum track with a kick, etc. There are also symbols with waveforms, drum sounds, etc. Patched these hints together, it could well be that Uli Behringer and his team have developed a groove box for everyone. You can also hear a Speak & Spell sound, I am not assuming an emulation of this legendary device. It would be kind of fun though.

I guess it’ll be some kind of groove box, clone, or a new Behringer development we’ll see. I think most people would prefer the latter.

Behringer DAW?

Thank you dear community: of course, Behringer is also working on a free DAW. It may well be that the first version will be available for download next week. Let’s see.

All details on the Behringer Brains will follow on June 15h, 2021. Stay tuned.

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Rumors, Speculations…


  1. Hmm- wonder whether they’ve included the braids code into a groove box synth the way Arturia did. That is going from the symbols

    • I was secretly hoping that this would be an op 1 clone, but given Behringer’s quality control I should probably hold my breath

  2. Yeah, there is clearly the two dedicated blue knobs, with the equalizer type of leds, that looks like hardware, and the square icons definitely looks like software. You aren’t going to have hardware with multiple buttons that have a little picture of two toms on it.

  3. Behringer this, Behringer that, teasing, promising, loud announcements and? little is happening. You better shut up and start work efficiently – Verstanden Sie, Behringer?

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