Maneco Labs Grone Expander, 4-voice touch controlled Eurorack drone machine

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A remote control to hell, no, it’s the Maneco Labs Grone Expander, a 4-voice touch-controlled Eurorack drone machine for friends of bizarre sounds.

Eurorack modules and plugins have something in common, the amount. We welcome new modules every day. Many with the same ideas (3340 oscillators …) but also many with very own ideas. Often also very bizarre. Developments from Maneco Labs, for example, stand out from the crowd, especially because of their very scary designs.

His newest module is called Grone Expander which consistently continues the design language.

Maneco Labs Grone Expander

Maneco Labs Grone Expander

The Grone Expander (36HP) is anything but a classic Eurorack module. It’s a 4-voice growling, rough and dirty touch-controlled drone machine. The core is based on two oscillators from the Grone Drone Synth. A wavetable oscillator and another with PWM sawtooth/noise oscillator. The mixer lets you mix both oscillator signals together before it goes into a modulated delay. The latter has time, feedback, modulation, and mix controls.

There are also two multi-wave LFOs and a final output stage with an onboard overdrive “grit” control. The special thing about this module are its four touch plates with which you can manually trigger the four voices. Similar to the Lyra-8 or Quadrantid Swarm.

Friends of dark, industrial drones & textures will have fun with the Grone Expander. The sound character is also reflected in the interface & design of the module. It’s a black and gold steam-punk-like interface that combines both: the spiritual as well as the path to hell. It looks neat and is an eye-catcher in every rack.

Maneco Labs Grone Expander is available now for $465 USD.

More information here: Maneco Labs

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