Endorphin.es intros Two Of Cups dual sampler & Total Recall cv processor

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Endorphin.es has today introduced Two of Cups, a new CV-controlled dual sampler, and Total Recall an 8-slot preset manager/macro controller for Eurorack.

Every modular Synthesizer user agrees with the situation. Each case has limited space for modules. If you want to accommodate a lot in your setup, you either have to take modules with a lot of functionalities at once or those that are smaller.

Endorphin.es has been looking at the latter recently and has shown many exciting small-format modules. Today, they added two new modules to their lineup.

Endorphin.es Two Of Cups

Endorphin.es Two Of Cups

“Two of Cups” is a CV-controlled two-voice sample player module (6HP) with 8 banks of 10 samples for each slot. The module loads/streams samples with no latency directly from the microSD card. It supports 8- and 16-bit sample rates with 12-bit output bitrates. Samples can be tweaked with the onboard decay envelope and pitched with a dedicated parameter with 1V/Oct input. You can also change the sample selection via CV. Handy, you can also set a trigger delay for each voice.

The module gives you two options to trigger the samples. Either manually or via the trigger inputs. A ready-to-use factory sound bank is also included. It’s made by artist Julia Bondar, which includes samples & textures taken from her new album “Industrial Symphony” (2020) and the upcoming new album ‘Bonding’ (2021):

Endorphin.es Total Recall

Total Recall is a handy transition module (6HP) for CV signals. Total Recall’s core uses a performance-optimized preset manager with 8 slots and macro controller. The slots aka presets offer two banks for either bipolar -5…+5V or unipolar 0…+5V signals.

It has three channels that offer control voltage generators, attenuators, and attenuverters. In use, you can create instant, slewed, or continuous changes between stored CV values. Further, the module is also a 3-channel macro CV generator with smooth min/max control via CV with controlled or manual trigger options.

At first look, two wo very exciting modules. Both with the only 6HP are very compact modules that give every system new possibilities. The sampler is practical to give modular synthesizers new timbres or simply to expand your drum setup. Total Recall could, on the other side, nicely level up every live setup with more CV flexibility.

Endorphin.es Two of Cups and Total Recall are available now, each for 199€/$209 USD.

More information here: Endorphin.es 

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