K-Devices Modulators 21, supercharged M4L modulation toolbox for Ableton Live

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K-Devices lifts the modulation level in Ableton Live with its new Modulators 21, a supercharged modulation M4L toolbox with 6 new advanced devices.

The Max development environment is very popular among experimental musicians. Especially because you can turn your ideas into your personal music creation tools. For Ableton Live users there is also Max For Live that puts the vast creative potential of Max directly inside of Live. From synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, granular processors, MIDI utilities, modulators, there are a lot of exciting tools for M4L. You can find many for free on the official community website or from third-party developers.

One of the most famous 3rd party developers is K-Devices, offering many sophisticated M4L devices. With his new Modulators 21 collection, he is expanding the Ableton Live modulation engine with a set of sophisticated, thought-out modulators.

K-Devices Modulators 21

Modulators 21

Modulator 21 is a collection of advanced modulator devices for Ableton Live Max for Live. Don’t be fooled by the name. There are only 6 devices, not 21.

KNOR is a playful modulator capable of recording free, hands-on, gestures for each of its four dials. These can then played back continuously and with the option to activate them singularly or sequencable one after another. This allows you to create unquantized, always involving modulation signals.

LFOH! is a single oscillator LFO with a set of continuously morphable and selectable waveforms. Besides classic frequency and phase parameters, the waveforms can be shaped by swinging their cycles, bending the curve, squeezing portions of oscillations in the same period of time, and more. Also onboard is a sample & hold circuit that offers quantization for the resulting signal.

LFOO is capable of generating complex cycling modulation signals with multiple targeting. The core consists of two waveforms that form a final third waveform, all with their own parameters. Plus, you get three assignable targets to modulate any parameter you want. Two of these offer a delay parameter, while the first one offers an integrated sample & hold circuit to quantize its output.

Sources, Targets & Voltage

Sources device is made to combine three modulation signals in different ways by carrying out math operations and DSP processing between them. Different operations are available to combine the three in series. The resulting signal is then available to modulate any parameter within a Live Set.

Targets is another Max For Live device. It can be used to route a modulation signal to up to six different parameters in the Live Set. Each one you can process in a different. The device is especially interesting to use as a super-macro knob with which you can tweak multiple parameters / multiple devices with a single device. The device outputs the signal then across the six different targets, each with its own set of controls to transform and shape the main modulation signal.

Voltage serves to easily route any modulation signal to any available output. It focuses on controlling external CV music gear (modular synths…). The device has internal parameters with which you can calibrate its signal output. This requires, however, a DC-coupled audio interface.

An impressive collection of extraordinary M4L modulator devices in my opinion. It’s a nice way to pimp the modulation engine of your Ableton Live + M4L.

K-Devices Modulators 21 is available now for an introductory price of 34€ instead of 49€. It runs in Ableton Live 10 & 11 and requires a license of Max For Live.

More information here: K-Devices

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