Killihu Releases Sequencer-Ki, New M4L-Based 16-Track Sequencer For Ableton Live

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Killihu Sequencer-Ki is a new 16-track M4L-based sequencer for Ableton Live that makes drum pattern writing more flexible, faster & simpler.

Programming good drum patterns in Ableton Live can be a challenge, especially if they become more complex. In my opinion, the built-in sequencer is a bit too simple and not so inspiring. Personally, I would love to see the power of the new Logic Pro X sequencer inside Live. But thanks to the full Max for Live integration, you can make Ableton Live more interesting. Highly recommended is the Max Live User library where there are many devices for free but also commercial ones.

Here you can find also the new Sequencer-Ki by killihu, a new 16-track sequencer for Ableton Live. It’s a M4L device and features 16 tracks in total with a wide range of settings for each track: independent length & speed, velocity, random velocity, note length beat-synced and time-based, swing, and random swing. With these, you can create very lively patterns.

killihu Sequencer Ki

Further, there are 32 envelopes lanes available bringing variety and movement in the patterns. Each of the envelopes can be mapped to Live controls, output MIDI control changes, or control the note length of the track. Another highlight is a randomization function of notes and envelopes lanes that can help you develop new pattern ideas.

Also included are selectable MIDI output notes, master transpose, and custom track names & colors. Up to 32 patterns can be changed by MIDI input notes or automatic randomization. At first glance, a very interesting sequencer for Ableton Live that can maybe simplify pattern design for some musicians.

killihu Sequencer-Ki is available for purchase for 20 EUR. It requires Ableton Live 10 and Max for Live.

More information: killihu

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