New Sequential Synthesizers In Summer & Later This Year Says Dave

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Focusrite & Sequential, in a new interview Dave Smith & Tim Caroll tell how it will go on & announced two new Sequential synthesizers for 2021.

At the end of April, there was big news that Dave Smith is selling his legendary synthesizer company to Focusrite, which is also the patron of companies such as Adam Audio and Novation. There was a lot of discussion on social media.

Many wondered how the company will continue and how much influence Focusrite will have in future products. A Novation Prophet, affordable for everyone, or a Sequential Summit in the future? In a new interview, Dave Smith and Tim Carroll, CEO of Focusrite, talk about the future of the company.

Sequential Synthesizers Summer

New Sequential Synthesizers

If you are looking forward to a Synthesizer with the technologies of both companies in the near future, I will, unfortunately, have to disappoint you. According to Dave & Tim, both companies currently have a roadmap with products that they will follow. Even after the takeover, they want to hold onto it. Dave Smith does not rule out that Novation and Sequential will work on products in the future. He would look forward to this exchange, he says in the Sweetwater interview.

He also confirmed that he will not withdraw from the company and will spend time in the goldfield in the future. No, he will continue to develop synthesizers, only now no longer as a CEO of a company but as a developer for Focusrite/Sequential. This is very good to hear. Then they also confirmed that the products will continue to be developed and built at the same locations. Nothing about that will change in the near future. We do not know what it will be like in the future.

In the same interview, Dave announced with a smile on his face two new Sequential Synthesizer products for this year. A new instrument will be released in July / August so in summer, and one later in the year. Very exciting. But he didn’t want to go into the details.

Sequential OB-X?

At the beginning of January, at the time of the virtual NAMM 2021, Sequential registered the trademark OB-X. Many speculated about a new collaboration with Tom Oberheim on a new modern OB-X. With the OB-6, both of them have already successfully built a Synthesizer. Why not a second time? One thing is for sure, this teaser is fueling speculation again and especially that of an OB-X.

We conclude from this short but interesting interview. Yes, Dave Smith has sold Sequential to Focusrite. Even with a new boss, Dave is developing new synthesizers and everything is staying the same for the time being. Plus we will see new Sequential synthesizers this summer and later this year 2021. And most importantly, Dave doesn’t become a golfer.

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