Patching Panda Ephemere, High-Resolution CV Looper Interface For Eurorack

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Patching Panda Ephemere is a high-resolution CV looper interface for Eurorack that could become your source for infinite, complex modulation signals.

The first hardware samplers opened new doors for music production. With these, it was first possible to capture sounds and play them like a new instrument. Whether in hardware or software, samplers are part of the music world today, just like guitars or synthesizers. If they didn’t exist anymore, they would be missed very much, especially in certain music styles.

Samplers have also found their way into the colorful Eurorack world in module form. From simple to experimental granular samplers, a lot is available. In Eurorack, a platform that lives from the possibilities of CV control, samplers have so far been used rather traditionally. Record, playback/manipulate audio. Patching Panda from Barcelona has presented a module called Ephemere that applies the sampling technology on CV signals. A kind of CV sampler/looper.

Patching Panda Ephemere

Patching Panda Ephemere

Ephemere is a high-resolution dual-channel 44kHz recording interface for your signals. It’s not an audio interface for Eurorack like the Expert Sleepers ES-9 but an interface for control voltages. It allows you to capture CV signals, loop them, and playback them in whole or trigger individual slices. The concept is reminiscent of a classic sampler module but made for control voltages. Plus, it gives you the option to change the playback speed (/5 – x5) and to scan manually or via CV through the recorded CV.

There are four record modes including manual, sync, manual multi, and sync multi. They can range between -5V/+5V or 0V/10V. Since the module not only captures the waveform, which would be boring, it also records all the movements you make with the knobs on your LFO, envelope… module. So modulation signals with several segments, one faster, one slower, can be built up at will. Perfect for building highly complex function generators.

On an OLED display, you monitor your live & recorded signal and adjust the playback length. As you know it is an audio sampler. 3 different play modes are available (forward, backward, pendulum). This gives you a lot of freedom to generate interesting variations of the recorded signals. It supports signals at M1014 seconds at 172Hz up to 4 seconds at 44.1kHz. On an SD card, you can also load/save the recordings.

When nothing is patched to the input, you can use the input knob as an offset/cv generator to record movements into the module.

Availability & First Look

A super exciting module that upgrades every modular system in the field of modulation in my opinion. Ephemere has a menu-based operation but the structure is pretty straightforward. If you want to get away from simple modulation signals, this module could be a nice addition.

Patching Panda Ephemere is available now for 320€.

More information here: Patching Panda

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