Sequential Trigon-6, Dave Smith’s last synth is a 6-voice analog polysynth

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Sequential Trigon-6, Dave Smith’s last polysynth melts 6-voice analog voices with characteristics of the Prophet-6, OB-6, and Moog together. 

At the end of May, Dave Smith, the founder of the Sequential brand and numerous synthesizers, passed away. A message that shook the synthesizer world badly. That’s because he was a pioneer of analog synthesis and inventor of the MIDI protocol.

Today Sequential introduced the Trigon-6, the last Synthesizer Dave Smith worked on.

Sequential Trigon-6

Sequential Trigon-6

Trigon-6 is a new 6-voice analog polyphonic Synthesizer. According to Sequential, it’s the last Synthesizer Dave Smith, who passed away on May 31st, worked on.  It combines the best characteristics of the Prophet-6 and the OB-6. Two very popular synthesizers from Sequential. Plus a legendary core element from Moog.

It features three newly designed VCOs with triangle, saw, and pulse waves and with simultaneous selection. Each oscillator has pulse width modulation (PWM) and you can hard sync oscillators 1 and 2. The signal then flows into a switchable 12/24 dB resonant ladder filter (2/4 pole) with cutoff/resonance but also controls for drive and feedback unlocking additional juice.

Modulation side, you can find two “super-snappy” two ADSR envelopes, and a 5-waveform syncable LFO. Modulation sources include the filter envelope and oscillator 3, both with bipolar control. So you can turn oscillator 3 into a second LFO. Destinations include ‘Osc1/2/3’ frequency values, ‘Osc1/2/3’ pulse width, filter cutoff, and feedback. A bit too weak for me, I would have liked more options.

Not to forget, it also has Sequential’s best-known Poly Mod with which you can achieve frequency modulation, and other wilder sounds. Trigon-6 also hosts a creative 64-step polyphonic sequencer and arpeggiator that are both operable from the front panel.

Sequential Trigon-6

To refine your sounds, you can activate a dual 24bt/48kHz FX section packed with different algorithms: reverb, delay (standard and BBD), chorus, flanger, phaser, and “studio-grade” ring modulation. All with a true bypass that maintains a fully analog signal path when digital effects are disabled. Plus, you get a stereo analog distorton perfect for adding character to your sounds.

Trigon-6 can be played as a classic 6-voice polysynth but also has a unison mode with a configurable voice count. There s also a chord memory and different key modes. And of course the vintage knob that adds voice variations in component calibration and behavior, adjustable from subtle to extreme

Sequential Trigon-6 backside


On the backside, you get a USB port for bi-directional MIDI communication, 5-pole MIDI In, Out, and Thru ports, left/mono and right audio outputs (1/4″ jacks), and stereo headphone output. There are also inputs for filter cutoff and expression (volume) pedals, sustain pedals, and sequencer start/stop.

Trigon-6 features a four-octave semi-weighted keyboard with velocity response and channel aftertouch. It also hosts backlit pitch and modulation wheels and has polyphonic scope portamento. What stands out is the greatly designed interface, which is very hands-on. All functions can be tweaked directly from the front panel.

It ships with 500 preset sounds and 500 user locations. So enough for instant play right out of the box and enough for your own sound creations.

So this is the last Synthesizer Dave Smith worked on. The news is again a bit sad because Dave Smith death was not long ago. At first glance an interesting analog poly Synthesizer. It’s certainly a very classic synth with no big surprises.

I think it’s nice that it’s a synth with a ladder filter because so you get an all-star instrument that has characteristics from every iconic developer: Bob Moog, Dave Smith, and Tom Oberheim.

Sequential Trigon-6 will be available soon for 3999€

More information here: Sequential

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  1. Price is ridiculous, they need to get back to normal prices at Sequential, lately they’ve been well off my to-buy list, which is a real pity.

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