Modular World Anniversary Show With 24 Hours Of Modular Synth Music

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Modular World (Johno Wells ) celebrated its anniversary last weekend with a 24 hours modular synth music show livestream with 130 artists. 

I report on the latest Eurorack modules every day. Often one forgets in all the new announcements that these are parts of instruments that are used to make music every day. We discusses not about a cell phone, not a television, it is an instrument.

In addition to the new modules, there should also be space for musicians and their performances with them. A nice format on YouTube is Modular World, a channel that specializes in modular synth performances This week they celebrated its birthday with a 24 hours livestream event with 130 artists from 24 countries.

Modular World Anniversary

Modular World Anniversary Show

This event is for friends of modular synthesizers and electronic music. The event features 24 hours of live performances by international artists including Mylar Melodies, Gerald Fjord, Trovarsi, VoltageCtrlR, BboyTech, Allert Alders, Tulpa Dusha, Cinematic Laboratory, Arthur Hnatek, Little Ambient Machine, Omri Cohen Tom Hall & more.

Modular World Anniversary Show

Unfortunately, I can’t share the videos as videos here, so I just put share them as a link.

Saturday part 1:​

Saturday part 2:


A wonderful event not to be missed. This is less about purchasing new gear but more about the music that is made with it. A big community effort from the Modular World organisation. Thanks for making this possible. You can support the channel with a subscription or on Patreon.

More information here: Modular World

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