SequencerTalk demos the Roland System 100m Synthesizer from 1979

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The German Synthesizer podcast SequencerTalk has released a new episode dedicated to the legendary Roland System 100m Synthesizer from 1979

The System 100m was Roland’s answer to the Moog Modular synthesizers. It was based on the semi-modular System 100 but with several extensions. It offers over 20 modules. Every system starts with the main unit M-110 with a single VCO oscillator, VCF, and VCA section. They are also other modules like a dual VCO, ring modulators, dual VCFs, envelopes, LFOs, effects, and more.

The controllers are just as well known as the modules themselves. For example the Roland System 104 Sequencer. Today the systems are very expensive and rare. But if you want the sound and workflow, you can buy replicas from Roland or Behringer for Eurorack.

The German Synthesizer Podcast SequencerTalk has dedicated an entire episode to the legendary Roland System 100m with module details and hands-on sound demos. Plus, Mick, the creator answered live questions from the community.

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  1. Hi,

    wasn’t the Roland System 700 from 1976 the answer to the Moog Modulars?

    The 100m replaced the mentioned System 100 and you can consider it (with some goodwill) as a shrinked down version of the 700.



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