WoodSynth 2.0, Multi-Layer Synthesizer Gets A Major Update (MacOS & iOS)

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WIMSS expands its WoodSynth for iOS/macOS in version 2.0 with FM synthesis, unison mode, new synthesis & sample modulation options & more. 

In January I published a news article about a new AUv3 Synthesizer for iOS called WoodSynth. This is a solid multi-layer Synthesizer with a lot of possibilities. Interesting, this AUv3 synth is in the meantime, also available for macOS with VST, AU & AAX plugin support as a separate purchase.

And after only three months version 2.0 of Woodsynth is already there, a free update that adds many new functions. If the synth hasn’t aroused any interest yet, maybe now.

WoodSynth 2.0

WoodSynth 2.0

WoodSynth is a Synthesizer with 4 independent layers, each with 3 VCOs plus a sample-based source. It has up to 16 voices per layer, different filters, advanced modulations, and MPE support. In version 2.0 the engine has grown again and now offers up to 64 voices thanks to a new unison mode per layer (4 x 16 voices).

It adds a new FM synthesis engine that allows phase modulation between the main oscillators. This expands the sound spectrum of WoodSynth and enables more complex sounds with interesting shapes. The modulation part also got a solid update. WoodSynth 2.0 adds a multi-point ADSR display/editor for the amp envelope with which you can adjust it in detail. Then, new routings of the Aux envelope ADSR are available including the phase mod, ring mod of oscillator 1&2, LFO FM, and osc1/2 crossfade.

The developer also added a new source selection option for the main LFOs. The signals can now come from the samples of any of the 4 layers, from the track or side-chain audio. Nice, it’s now possible to make oscillator & sample frequency modulation to the main LFOs that enable new sound design options. In addition to these, there are minor new features and improvements:

  • oscilloscope window
  • MIDI learn for almost all controls
  • volume control for each step in the sequencers
  • parameter2 control for each step which can be routed to: 
Filter Up/Down
Filter Q
LFO frequency modulation

And there are also 15 new presets that give you a sonic overview of the new features.


WoodSynth 2.0 is a free update for existing customers. WoodSynth 2.0 is available now for iPad/iPhone with AUv3 for $13.99 and or macOS (VST, AU, AAX) for $44.99 USD.

More information here: Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio

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