B&C Audio mini.SEQ, One Knob Polyphonic Sequencer For Your Pocket

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B&C Audio shows the first prototype of its mini.SEQ, an ultra-portable polyphonic sequencer with four voices that fit in every pocket.

Hardware sequencers can’t be big enough. Lots of knobs, lots of space and, if possible, a large display where you can find lots of information. A sequencer is the heart of many setups and so it should also fit the setup of the playing musician.

If all this is too big for you, read on with excitement. B&C Audio has shown a prototype of a new MIDI sequencer on Instagram / YouTube that has the size of a guitar tuner. A super small device that has a lot in it.

B&C Audio mini.SEQ

B&C Audio mini.SEQ

The mini.SEQ by B&C Audio is a polyphonic MIDI sequencer (4 voices) that can record 16 steps in 8 bars in up to 64 patterns for instant recall. You have classic MIDI and analog sync in/out on the back. Everything is built into a very small housing that fits perfectly in your pocket. This tiny design also has an impact on the control. With a single black knob on the left side, you can control the unit. That’s very limited but you can only tell in a test whether this was a good or bad decision

Plus, you have a single red and four black buttons for the main controls. The sequencer itself can output notes with velocity and an additional MIDI CC number for modulation. Nice, it also features a random mode that is capable of generating patterns.

It is not confirmed but it looks like you can also input MIDI notes into the sequencer with a MIDI controller. MIDI input can be found on the back. Otherwise, it could be a bit adventurous to enter notes with one knob


At first glance a small, exciting sequencer for which there is space everywhere. It can be a lot for its size. Ok, you can get an old iPhone with a powerful sequencer in the same size. But the standalone character only has this little box from B&C Audio.

The current pictures show the prototype. All details, final retail price, and availability will follow in the future.

More information here: B&C Audio Instagram

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