WoodSynth, New AUv3 Multi-Layer Hybrid Synthesizer For iOS

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With WoodSynth, WIMSS sends a new multi-timbral hybrid AUv3 Synthesizer in the iOS race that intuitively mixes virtual analog synthesis with samples on 4 layers.

Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio is known for solid, powerful, and intuitive AUv3 plugins for iOS. Many musicians love the apps of WIMSS because they quickly bring movement and life into your sounds.

The developer has recently released WoodSynth, a new multi-layer Synthesizer for iPhone and iPad.



WoodSynth is a Synthesizer with 4 independent layers where each layer has up to 16 voices. Each layer has a very classic synth engine featuring three oscillators, a sample source, a 4-pole Moog Lowpass filter with resonance, and a wide range of modulation capabilities. Here you have for each voice several envelopes (pitch, filter, amp…), a 16-step sequencer that can run on multiple voices, and more. To refine the sounds, you have an additional high-pass filter and different effects for each layer: saturation, crush, delay, & reverb.

The layers architecture is very flexible. Either in parallel assigned to a region of the keyboard or in sequential mode. Clever, the last mode allows you to have a different sound per note played (and independent from a keyboard region). Thanks to MPE support, velocity, channel pressure, (poly) aftertouch… you can integrate nicely the app with controllers from ROLI, Linnstrument… and play it very expressively.

AUv3 support and Ableton Link with sync tempo & start-stop are also onboard for seamless integration in your iOS setup. It runs on iOS as a standalone application or as an AUv3 plugin. A neat extra feature is the polyphonic pitch-bending touch bar on the bottom of the app which also displays notes received from a keyboard.

WoodSynth looks like an interesting new synth app at first glance. It’s good that it has a hybrid synth engine (VA + samples). So it goes much deeper than many other VA synths available for iOS.

WoodSynth is available now for $12.99 USD from the Apple AppStore.

More information here: Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio

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