POM-400 Matrix Kit Turns A Pocket Operator 400 Modular Synth Into A Synthi

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POM-400 Matrix Kit is a pin modulation matrix inspired by the legendary EMS Synthi that fits on top of the stylish Teenage Engineering PO-400 Modular

With the PO-400, Teenage Engineering showed its first modular Synthesizer last year. In the review, it was able to score with a good sound quality, stylish design but not in the area of features. An indie developer found a solution for this.

Dave Vondle has created a modulation matrix add-on for the PO 400 Modular Synthesizer that turns the yellow synth into an EMS Synthi-like Synthesizer. This allows you connect all the modulation connections (sources & destinations) to each other using classic physical pins in the matrix. So no flimsy patch cables but classic colored pins.

POM-400 Matrix Kit

The developer simplifies many modulation ways and also opens the PO-400 for new patch ideas. Personally, I like such a matrix because it brings a good order to the modular cable salad. One reason why they were also adapted into software environments.

You don’t have to solder to do this, that’s very nice. It works by replacing the back of the PO-400 with a board that has connectors. Simply connect the right cables and off you go. It will take some time to finish it but every modular player should be able to realize this. The idea is brilliant in my opinion but also expensive. It costs $700 which is more than the cost of the PO-400 Modular itself but that has a reason.

The POM-400 Matrix Kit is manufactured by the same Swiss company (Ghiemetti) that built the original matrix for the EMS Synthi. So rock-solid quality made in Switzerland.

I made this because I love the aesthetics, clean look and fun of making patches using the pin matrix, not to make a living from this. This is a link my material costs, which are coming in at $646.03, so at the end of the day I should make $54 on each unit to pay for my labor and assembly costs.

POM-400 Matrix Kit is available now for $700 USD.

More information here: Dave Vondle

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