Rob Papen DelSane, Plugin That Goes Beyond Classic Stereo Tape Delays

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Rob Papen DelSane is a stereo tape delay plugin with an extended feature for classic (sane) but also insane delay textures. 

In every DAW, whether free or payware, you can always find bread and butter effects. These are mostly very simple effects that cover what you need at the beginning. If you want to go deeper into sound design and want to expand the sound horizon, you often need plugins that look behind the facet of classic effects.

Rob Papen has today announced the release of  DelSane, a new stereo tape delay that expands the concept with interesting features. It can be a classic tape delay but also a lot that goes beyond this classic effect processor.

Rob Papen DelSane

Rob Papen DelSane

DelSane is an easy-to-use stereo tape delay with a set of creative features. The concept relies on two sides. One has a smooth-sounding tape delay, in stereo or mono, it’s the sane side. The second (insane) is a creative out-of-the-box delay FX device. The layout is easy to use and allows you to quickly design simple but also complex tape delay effects that take you to lush, strange worlds.

The upper row has classic parameters that you know from every delay plugin. Here you find delay times for both channels (left & right), feedback, cross feedback, and a dry/wet mix control. Then, you can adjust the feedback value of the left & right channels with the Equal Feedback switch. Below, you have a high and lowpass filter including a 6dB/12dB selection. Further, you have a frequency shifter with positive/negative and feedback options perfect for creating experimental sounds. Lastly, you have a distortion unit that adds character to your signal.

Creative Features

It gets more interesting in the lower area that hosts an interesting set of creative features. In the center, you have the disrupt sphere controller that gives you control over several freely adjustable parameters at the same time. It’s like a macro controller on steroids that can be moved, for example, dynamically according to the song tempo.

Plus with the lazy mode, you can control the automation/modulation of this parameter.  It also features an audio follower which can also modulate various parameters of Delsane and full MIDI support.

At first glance, a nice plugin that takes the concept of a classic tape delay in new directions and at a very affordable price

Rob Papen DelSane is available now for $29 USD/29€ (regular $35 USD/35€) until May 15th, 2021. It runs as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Rob Papen 

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