UVI’s Lush-Sounding Algorithm Reverb Plugin Sparkverb Is Now Available For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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UVI Sparkverb is a lush-sounding, versatile reverb plugin for macOS & Windows, now iOS users can also enjoy it as an app with AUv3 support.

iOS, for many apps and AUv3 plugins are still toys. However, they have now reached a league in which every developer should think about whether he has to dare the adventure. And with the introduction of the M1 iPads and AUv3, Apple has developed devices and a standard that makes working with the iPad more and more interesting. Never forget, computers also started out small.

UVI today presented its well-known, high-quality Sparkverb reverb plugin as an iOS app, of course with AUv3 plugin support. Another pro plugin that finds its way on iOS and it confirms my thought: the big growth where 10 new music apps came out in one day is over. The growth takes place in the quality of the apps.

UVI Sparkverb

UVI Sparkverb

The iOS version of the Spark Reverb is based on the same code as the macOS & Windows plugin. Thus, it offers the same features and lush reverb timbres. Sparkverb is a fully customizable algorithmic reverb that breaks the boundaries of contemporary reverbs says UVI. This is mainly due to its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, speed & creative freedom, and great sound quality paired with a good CPU efficiency.

At the core of Sparkverb’s interface is a frequency-band spectrum editor. With this, you can sculpt and refine your sound very easily. Adjust decay globally and across multiple bands with hi/lo multipliers and crossovers directly on a single canvas

One feature that makes Sparkverb very unique, in my opinion, is the preset voyager feature that allows you to morph between presets. Instead of switching from presets to presets as in conventional reverb plugins, you can discover intermediate results that arise from one preset to another. Simply toggle the Preset Voyager display and click-drag between preset nodes to freely interpolate new settings. According to the developers, the possibilities are limitless.

Sparkverb is capable of creating a wide range of reverbs. From natural-sounding spaces to infinite, shimmering ambiance with impressive depth and fidelity throughout the entire spectrum. I have this reverb processor as a VST/AU plugin and it sounds amazing. The asking price for the iOS version is not low, but you get here a reverb that has very high quality and a set of super creative features.

UVI Sparkverb is available now for an introductory price of $19.99 USD (until May 27th, 2021) on the Apple AppStore. After this special offer, the price will be $29.99 USD /32,99€.

More information here: UVI     AppStore

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