Native Instruments Releases Melted Vibes Play Series Instrument & Maschine Special Offer

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Native Instruments Melted Vibes is a new Play Series virtual instrument with fully customizable and playable sounds for hip hop, trap, and R&B producers. 

With the Play Series, Native Instruments has Kontakt Player libraries in its portfolio that are primarily geared towards musicians who like to play instead of investing time in sound design. However, they don’t act like a “static” rompler instrument. They are sample-based, yes, but are built into a versatile, easy-to-use engine.

These virtual instruments focus on playability, fun, and tweakability without getting lost in big menus. With Melted Vibes, Native Instruments has just expanded its Play Series with another interesting library.

Play Series Melted Vibes

Kontakt Play Series Melted Vibes

Melted Vibes is a new Kontakt Player library that is part of NI’s growing Play Series virtual instruments. The samples are based on recordings from iconic synthesizers processed through legendary preamps. It comes packed with a wide range of pads, plucks, and keys. A highlight of the Play Series is that all sounds are completely customizable using the built-in engine. You can blend, modulate, tweak and transform them into new sounds.

The library has two layers, A and B each pre-loaded with a source sound. On the bottom, you have 9 macro controls with which you can effortlessly modify the sounds. It includes balance (A/B mix), tape saturation, lo-fi, delay, detune, pitch, warp, and volume.

If that’s not enough and you want to make deeper changes, a number of deeper features are available on the other pages. You can find here an entire FX section including routing options, fully customizable macros, sequencer, and settings like the velocity curve. Thus Melted Vibes is not only a “static” library with ready-to-play sounds but also an instrument that invites you to build your own timbres.

Maschine Expansions Special Offer

NI also announced a limited-time Maschine special offer. For a limited time, you get up to 6 free expansions of your choice from the constantly growing catalog with your Maschine hardware purchase.

Maschine special offer

Native Instruments Kontakt Play Series Melted Vibes is available now for 49€ and is compatible with the latest version of the free Kontakt Player. The Maschine Expansion special offer is valid until May 11, 2021.

More information here: Native Instruments 

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  1. I hate to be a wet blanket, but I do hate marketing talk simply regurgitated as “journalism”. These aren’t “free” as a “special offer”.
    The reality: “Until May 11th you can choose six expansions with your purchase.” There. No need for their PR fluff.

    • Hi Zargon. This information is not copy/paste from any marketing or PR text. The sentence: “For a limited time, you get up to 6 free expansions of your choice from the constantly growing catalog with your Maschine hardware purchase.” means exactly this: you get up to 6 expansions for free during this special offer.

      Yes, special offer because normally you get 0 extra libraries with your Maschine purchase. And yes they are free, or free bonuses because you don’t pay more than the regular Maschine micro, MK3, or M+ price. And yes, this is how journalism also works, I summarized info and the core of this information is: you get free expansions with your Maschine purchase for a limited time otherwise I spread the wrong news. Free is free but in these offers in a different context, not free for everyone.

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