Rob Papen RoCoder, a vocoder plugin on steroids, and eXplorer 7 bundle release

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Rob Papen has updated its plugin bundle eXplorer to version 7 with Predator 3, RoCoder an advanced vocoder plugin, DelSane delay, and 24 more plugins. 

The new third version of the Predator Synthesizer plugin is one of the highlights of this week. An update that raises the synth to the standard of the year 2021 not only visually but also sonically. I covered it in a detailed article.

In addition to Predator 3, there is more news from Rob Papen. With Rocoder they show a creative vocoder plugin and an v7 update for its impressive eXplorer bundle.

Rob Papen Rocoder

Rob Papen RoCoder

RoCoder is a creative 32-band vocoder processor plugin that goes behind the traditional approach by offering new unique features. A highlight are the different modes that bring a new touch to it:  additive mode, combined vocoder + additive mode, noise mode, tuned noise mode, and a tuned comb mode. Very interesting is the additive mode which generates 32 bands of harmonics using only sine waves as a carrier signal. Their volume corresponds to the modulator band, and is capable to create very unique atonal sound effects.

Talking about the carrier, ReCoder has a fully-featured 16-voice carrier Synthesizer section onboard, which is required for the vocoder signal. It uses a mix of saw and square waveforms with an additional oscillator spread option to create a 3-oscillator sound with detuning spreading. To further expand on the harmonic content, a Noise Oscillator and Sub-Oscillator modules, which generate noise or a square sub-wave respectively, are available as well.

Then, you have a rich filter section where you can process the sound further. This uses both a 12dB High-Pass Filter and a 12dB Low-Pass Filter with Resonance (Q) control. That’s not all. The plugin also comes with stereo panning per band, a fully customizable XY pad, a modulation matrix, and a built-in multi-fx section. The latter includes a chorus, flanger, phaser, stereo delay, and a reverb.

Sounds like a very potent vocoder plugin that can do a lot more than a classic, one-trick pony vocoder from a DAW. Sound designers will have a lot of fun here creating crazy robot voices and more

Rob Papen eXplorer 7

With the release of the new Rocoder vocoder plugin, there is also a new version of the all-in-one eXplorer bundle. Version 7 contains 27 plugins including different synthesizers, effects, and more. Predator 3 Synthesizer, Rococoder as well as DelSane are the new additions for eXplorer 7.

Rob Papen RoCoder is available now for 49€/$49 USD. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The new eXplorer 7 bundle with all 27 plugins is available now for 499€/$499 USD. If you purchase X6 in July or later, you can benefit from a free update. Existing eXplorer (1-6) users can upgrade for 99€/$99 USD and you can get a crossgrade price if have multiple RP products.

More information here: Rob Papen 

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