Caelum Audio Beef, Multi-FX Plugin (Mac/Win/iOS) To Make Sounds Beefier

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Caelum Audio Beef is a multi-fx plugin for mac, Win & iOS with six audio tools that infuses beefy, characterful textures in your tracks

There are various techniques to add strength, punch and character to sounds. Often the same plugins come together: saturation, distortion, bit-Crusher, and others.

Caelum Audio, a young developer is now showing a plugin that makes every sound more juicy and full of character. This promises the developer.

Caelum Audio Beef

Caelum Audio Beef

Beef is a new multi-effect plugin and iOS app with AUv3 support designed to make your tracks sound juicy and beefy. Like a tender piece of meat drifting with juice, just here for your tracks. Sorry my vegan/vegetarian readers. It features all the effects you need to upgrade sonically your tracks packed in a straightforward designed interface. Gabriel, the developer says that it’s suitable for guitars, vocals, synths, and other tracks.

Beef, yes that the name of it, features a multi-stage 4-band EQ that gives you the ability to sculpt your sound before and after saturation. Handy to filter out certain frequencies before the journey continues. Then follows a noise/rate modulation that uses a filtered noise to enhance and engrain tracks with noisy textures. A functionality that is known from saturation plugins. The latter appears in the third step. A flexible saturation unit with 6 selectable saturation algorithms including OD, tube, distortion, tape, and more.

A bit crusher is also available for all those who want even noisier. It offers four different parameters (rate divide, bit depth…) with which you can sculpt your sounds/tracks even further. Next, you have a transient shaper, a great tool to shape your drum sounds. Last but not least, you have a limiter and a dry/mix section.


A very practical plugin that has many functions of different plugins in one. So you can beef up your tracks with one single multi-effects plugin than with 6 at the same time. Nice to see that there is also support for iOS with AUv3 plugin support.

Caelum Audio Beef is available now for an introductory price of £23.99 (£29.99 regular) macOS & Windows (VST3, AU, AAX), and iOS for £3.99 (£4.99 regular).

More information here: Caelum Audio

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