Roland JV-880, Multi-Timbral Synthesizer Module Demo

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YouTuber Espen Kraft has released a hands-on demo of the Roland JV-880 multi-timbral Synthesizer module from 1992. (Synth Radar)

Video Description

The Roland JV-880 from 1992. The module version of the JV-80. In my opinion the best of all the JV/JD modules in terms of raw bottom end cinematic epic sound. I’m not saying it can do everything else that the others can, but what it can is to deliver fat, solid bass. The 1080, 2080 etc always sounded hollow to me. The JD-990 is very glossy, but lacks the raw punch as well. Luckily, the JV-880 is the cheapest of them all to get so no need to wait, get online and pick them up!

The demo track is made by multi tracking several preset sounds. All internal effects (reverb and chorus) are turned off and I use Valhalla VintageVerb as reverb. The “analog depth” parameter is adjusted between the sounds to get a little “drift” going. Most of the individual tracks are also processed with compression, EQ, spatial enhancements, and layering, but no external chorus is used. I’ve also recorded most of the tracks pretty hot, and especially that “OVERLOAD” track. That was driven way into the red and the preamps just showed solid red while that was recorded, but crucial to get that growl in the bottom bass track.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Roland JV-880 Synthesizer multi-timbral module from 1992.

More info here: Espen Kraft

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  1. The JV880 was my first module. I added the Dance expansion card about a month after I got it. I was debating between the Dance module and the 880. I sold my 880 back in 2005 and started to regret that decision a few years after. I use the JV1080 plugin these days. I can tell the preset Warm Strings sounds different than the one on the 880, but it is close enough for me.

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