auDSPr Released auGEN X – A Creative Oscillator App For iPad AUv3!

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A different approach of an audio oscillator app!

auDSPr, a new developer for iOS apps, recently released auGEN X, a new versatile Oscillator app. This is not just a classic oscillator but more a sound design app. auGEN X features an audio oscillator, a noise and an impulse generator.

Good to see that the app comes in the initial version with AUv3 support that allows you to use the app in multiple instances.



auGEN X bridges the creative musical world of artists with the exacting scientific world of audio engineers. What started as a precision audio test utility has grown into a fun experimental sound design instrument. On one end use auGEN X to help set up, test, calibrate, and optimize your audio system. On the other use it to create a wide variety of interesting sounds.

auGEN X has a full-featured audio oscillator, a high quality noise generator, and an impulse generator. The simple yet powerful user interface is designed for fast, precise, intuitive control over your signals. auGEN X works both as a Stand-Alone App and as an AUv3 Audio Unit Extension responding to MIDI In and BPM Sync from Hosts.

I started making this app because as an audio electronics engineer I could not find a single audio generator that does everything that I require AND is an AUv3 Audio Unit. auGEN X has expanded into a musical tool for exploring and learning sound design. Our goal is for auGEN X to be an Essential in your audio toolbox. We hope you enjoy it and we’re excited to hear the cool things that you do with auGEN X!

auGEN X AUv3


  • Oscillator
  • 3 Modes: Fixed, Frequency or Level Sweep
  • 4 Wave Shapes: Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, & Saw
  • Tri & Rect have a Duty Cycle control (1.0% to 99.0%)
  • Tri, Saw, & Rect are alias-suppressed yielding virtually alias-free performance at musical fundamental frequencies
  • 10 to 20,480 Hz extended audio frequency range (great for testing subwoofers!)
  • Full-featured Frequency or Level Sweep with 5 Types, settable Direction, & selectable Repeat or 1-Shot Mode
  • Sweep Period has a wicked wide range from 1/10,000th of a second to 100 seconds and can alternatively be set as a Sweep Rate in Hz or BPM
  • Wide sweep range allows for FM & AM style sounds
  • Noise Generator
  • 2 Modes: Fixed or Level Sweep
  • White or Pink Noise
  • Pink Noise conforms to SMPTE Standard 2095-1:2015 Calibration Reference Wideband Digital Pink Noise Signal
  • Impulse Generator (useful for checking reverb algorithms)
  • Impulse Width can be set in samples
  • AUv3 & Standalone app
  • Verified to work great in AUv3 Hosts such as GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM, apeMatrix, BeatMaker 3, & Auria Pro
  • As a Stand-Alone App audio is sent to iPad’s built-in speakers, Headphone/Line Out, or to any iOS-compatible USB audio interface connected to the Lightning jack

Sound Demo By The Sound Test Room

auDSPr auGEN X is available now for iPad (AUv3) for $14.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

Available here: auGEN X

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