AudioThing Birthday Bash: Things TILT EQ Plugin, 35% OFF Sale & Free Plugin

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Happy Birthday, AudioThing: Things TILT is a new intuitive Tilt EQ plugin available for free with every purchase during the anniversary sale.

Carlo Castellano, better known as AudioThing, has been enriching the music market for 10 years. The beginning was may by numerous small but creative sample libraries for the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler. A few years later, the journey continued into the plugin area. Today the Italian company offers a wide range of various plugins. From synthesizers, effects to mix and mastering tools.

All the best, AudioThing. I’ve been using the plugins for many years, many of which I bought myself like the new Things Motors made in collaboration with Hainbach. The plugins sound very good, are intuitive, and have interfaces that are not overloaded with controls. For the 10th birthday, there is also another new plugin, another from the new Things series.

AudioThings Things Tilt

AudioThing Things TILT

Things TILT is an easy-to-use tilt EQ plugin with a built-in mid/side mode. This extra functionality allows you to apply the EQ to the mid or side part of the signal. It’s a useful tool to create a wider stereo image on a full mix or individual tracks. The concept of the plugin is super straightforward.

Turn the big knob to the right to achieve more highs and fewer lows. On the opposite side (left), you can boost the lows while the highs are attenuated. You can also adjust the cutoff frequency of the EQ with the cutoff control, or increase the gain of the EQ with the boost button. The video below gives you an introduction to the TILT plugin.

AudioThing Anniversary Sale

AudioThing is also celebrating its 10th birthday at the same time. Happy Birthday. To celebrate this event, you can save 35% on the entire product catalog and get Tilt EQ for free with every purchase. Two good reasons to upgrade your plugin arsenal with sonic tools from Italy.

AudioThing Things TILT is free with every purchase made during the Anniversary Sale from April 12 to April 30, 2021. It’s also a free plugin if you have purchase Things Motor or Things Texture. Check your user account. If you can’t benefit from this deal, you can either buy the plugin for 9€ instead of 19€ or buy another plugin to get it for free.

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