Elektron MachineDrum, Unlock New Features Via An Unofficial Firmware Update

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The MachineDrum, Elektron ‘s powerful drum Synthesizer groovebox from the past has received an unofficial firmware update with new synthesis features and improvements.

The Elektron MachineDrum is still one of the most popular Elektron instruments today. Instead of redesigns or new colors for current devices, many users want the MachineDrum to make a comeback with new features. Initially released in 2001, the MD was a drum machine based on five unique drum synthesis methods and powerful sequencing features. Like the Model:Cycles but only on steroids. We definitely need more drum synthesizers or even a comeback for the MD.

For owners of the original Elektron, there is good news. Yatao Li and Justin Valer have recently published an unofficial firmware update for the Elektron MachineDrum that introduces new features and improvements. To be precise, the first update since 2016.

Elektron Maschinedrum firmware

Elektron Machinedrum Unofficial Firmware Update

This new unofficial firmware adds numerous new creative features to the MachineDrum. First, the GND section got an upgrade with three new machines, each with relative pitches for additional oscillators and unison.

  • GND-SN-PRO is a compatible model for GND-SN, featuring up to 4 sine OSCs.
  • GND-SW is a sawtooth/triangle machine with up to 3 variable waveform OSCs.
  • GND-PU is a pulse wave machine with an adjustable duty ratio and up to 3 OSCs.

Then several machines received a tuning functionality:  GND: SN SW PU, TRX: BD SD XT RS CB CL XC B2 S2 & EFM: BD SD XT CP RS CB HH CY. The Edit Kit menu also got an update to incorporate the tuning setting per track. Then, the TRX-S2 decay and noise parameter sensitivity has been improved. Also, it adds new LFO shapes to the MachineDrum including sine, rev-linear, rev-exp, notch, and step.

Another new creative feature is the ability to release multiple track triggers at the same time. For example, you can set track 1 to trigger track 2 and track 2 to trigger 3, and thus track 1 will trigger all three tracks. You can also now preview triggers in step editing mode. Plus, a solo mode can now be activated in the mute menu; in addition, mute and solo actions are transmitted via MIDI.

No other than Cenk Sayinli (aka Mr. Dataline) product specialist & head of Elektron Studio Berlin shared this news about the unofficial firmware on his Instagram account. He says that this firmware transforms the MachineDrum in a kind of Lyra 8 Synthesizer.


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The Elektron MachineDrum unofficial update by Yatao Li and Justin Valer is available now as a free download.

More information here: Elektronauts

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