Folktek Alter X & Y, Eye-Catching, Experimental Effect Pedals Now On IndieGoGo

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The mysterious artist collective Folktek conquers the pedalboards of guitarists and synth players with two new experimental effect pedals Alter X and Alter Y

Many Eurorack users know Folktek. The somewhat mysterious artist collective from the US that is responsible for instruments such as the Resonant Garden, Mescaline v2, effect processors, or for various Eurorack modules. Unlike other bigger manufacturers, Folktek products are rarely available. Often sold out and associated with long waiting times.

No wonder, the products often have their very own designs, look very eye-catching, and sound very unique. Now all non-modular musicians can also enjoy Folktek effects. They recently announced an IndieGoGo campaign for the new Alter X & Y pedals, adaptions of the Alter X & Y Eurorack modules.

Folktek Alter X & Y

Folktek Alter X & Y

One thing is certain: both pedals are true works of art. They wear designs as if they were freshly imported from space. Alter X and Alter Y are two different pedals. Both have the same crazy interface and layout on the outside, but there are big differences on the inside. Internally each has an entirely different set of 7 unique DSP effects crafted by Arius Blaze (Folktek) and Nico Raftis (Macro Machines) responsible for digital programming.

  • Alter X algorithms: long delay, tight, notated granular delay, huge plate reverb, shimmering reverb, distortion & multi-filter, pitch delay, and stutter glitch
  • Alter Y algorithms: analog delay, reverb with infinite capture and lp + hp filters, choral reverb, palindrome reverse delay (backward/forward repeat), time stretch, pitch shift (notated semi-tones), and time stretch glitch

Alter X and Alter X are not the classic effects boxes. No standard effects. Many have an experimental twist. The pedals are designed for guitarists and synthesizer players alike. For the guitar player, Alter features a relay-based buffered bypass with true stereo 1/4″ ins and outs.

Synth players can use either the 1/8″ or 1/4″ ins/outs. Like on the Eurorack version, you have CV (control voltage) control over the effects with a CV source and/or a CV expression pedal.

Full Control

In addition to their totally stylish interface, the pedals also have some parameters and additional functions. For each channel, there is a gain potentiometer for adjusting the input signal. Then, you have CV-controllable controls for mix, X, Y, and filter as well as the clock bitrate.

The X and Y parameter gives you full control over the effects including the feedback time, rates, etc. Each effect has a built-in filter as well as a clock. The latter adjusts the rate which controls the DSP which can drastically change the effect. However, the clock is not designed for synchronization.

Both pedals also have some touch-based effects built-in that can be changed by touching the shiny gold hexagon. Everything a little different than in normal effect pedals

Alter X & Y are true works of art in my opinion. These are also perfect examples of Boutique pedals that try to move the effect market forward. Totally unique, difficult to compare with other brands, just as we know and love Folktek products. The fun is not very expensive, which is nice to see.

Folktek Alter X & Y are available now for pre-order for $249 USD (early bird). After the early bird, they will cost $299 USD for pre-order. After the campaign, Both pedals will be available for $399 USD. Estimated shipping in October 2021.

More information here: Folktek 

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