Oversynth Releases New Overlays & Sound Packs For Modal Skulpt & Craft Synth 2

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Oversynth now offers overlays for the powerful budget synthesizers Modal Electronics Sculpt & Craft Synth 2 which makes the operation visually more attractive and intuitive.

Modal Electronics Skulpt and Craft Synth 2 are exciting, digital synthesizers packed with a lot of synthesis power. The disadvantage of this small instrument, however, their somewhat unfavorable user interface, which takes away the fun for many.

The available editor for PC/Mac/iOS/Android helps a lot here. For those who don’t want to use a computer or iPad, there is now an improvement for the interface for little money. Oversynth has published new nice overlays for the Skulpt and Craftsynth 2 synthesizers. Plus, two new sound packs one for each instrument.

Modal Electronics Oversynth Overlays

Modal SKULPT Oversynth Overlay

The new adhesive-backed overlays all feature large fonts and high contrast artwork for enhanced visibility in low light. The overlays are color-coded so that the essential and important sound design features catch the eye. Common sound editing tasks such as selecting a specific oscillator or LFO wave shape, mod mode, or modulation assignment become much easier with the help of these overlays says Oversynth.

All of the 2nd and 3rd function control combinations are indicated with blue or grey highlighted labeling. There are three versions: a black one with color accents, a white with colored sections, and a white/blue edition.

Modal Electronics Skulpt Oversynth

Distorientation Sound Pack

Distorientation sound pack features 64 original Dark Ambient / SciFi synth patch-scapes, ideal for use in soundtrack, video game, or other mood-based genres. According to Oversynth, the sounds are full of noisy FM textures, warm distorted drones, and pulsating feedback flutters. The sound pack gives you a big dive into the sound engine including FM, AM, ring mod & more.

Modal Electronics CRAFT Synth 2.0 Oversynth Overlays

Further, there are also new overlays for the Modal Craft Synth 2. The same colors (black or white with colored accents) but there is a difference to the Skulpt overlays. It also includes MIDI CC mappings for each of the controls.

Modal Electronics Craftsynth 2 Oversynth

Ambiente Oscuro Sound Pack

Like the Distorientation sound pack, it features 64 original Dark Ambient / SciFi synth patches full of harmonic-rich textures.

At first glance, I really like the new overlays. As the owner, I can well imagine using them because they really improve the navigation on the interface.

Oversynth Modal Electronics SKULPT and CRAFT Synth 2.0 overlays are available now for $28 USD each. The soundpacks cost $7 USD each.

More information here: Oversynth 

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