midiDREAMs, Analog-Style AUv3 Step Sequencer By Arthur Kerns

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Arthur Kerns (midiSTEPS, midiLFOs) shows midiDREAMs a new feature-rich analog-style AUv3 sequencer for iPad for melodies and drums.

Music apps the small programs that you can get for little money for your iPhone / iPad … have reinvented mobile music-making. Where previously large computers or laptops were carried with you, you can now compose complete songs on the go on iPhones, iPads … Synthesizers, effects, sequencers, up to complete DAWs, you can near everything for your mobile devices.

Apps are also becoming more and more popular in studios. For example, many musicians already use MIDI sequencers for the iPad. They only cost a fraction of sophisticated hardware and can do a lot. You require a class-compliant MIDI interface and the journey begins. One of my favorite developers is Arthur Kerns who has already published great MIDI apps for iOS. Today, he released a new powerful step sequencer for iOS named midiDREAMs.


midiDREAMs (Arthur Kerns)

midiDREAMS is a powerful MIDI AUv3 sequencer plugin that is inspired by classic analog-style modular sequencers. For example, like the 960 sequential controller (sequencer) module from Moog Music. It has up to 64 steps per pattern with up to 16 patterns. 16 virtual sliders give you full control over every step including the pitch, velocity, note length, and probability. The latter is a great tool to make each sequence rhythmical more flexible and complex.

Then, you have for each step a button for gate on/off, skip step, and the last step. On the bottom, you have 16 additional buttons with which you can change the patterns on the fly. Plus, you can set the note speed, sequence direction, maj/min key, and octave as well as do re-sync. Plus, a ratcheting function with up to 4 sub-steps per step is onboard that gives you instant Tangerine Dream-like sequences. You can also unlock the pitch, velocity, length, probability sequencer to run independently for even more sophisticated melodies. A very exciting feature set in my opinion.



As a bonus, the app ships with a drum version of the sequencer called midiDRUMs. It’s also a MIDI AUv3 sequencer plugin that is inspired by the legendary xox-grid style drum sequencers. It has 8 parts (16×8 grid), up to 64 steps per pattern with up to 16 patterns. Per part, you can set the velocity and probability adjustable via 16 virtual sliders. midiDRUMs allows you to customize kits to send different MIDI note numbers, and even on different MIDI channels what is very handy.

Important: both sequencers are AUv3 plugins. So you need a MIDI AUv3 host like AudioBus, AUM, ApeMatrix, Cubasis, and others. The sequencer don’t work in standalone mode, i.e. without AUv3. Nevertheless, two great MIDI sequencers with a lot of features. Both are also exciting to use with hardware. They are definitely powerful and flexible enough. And very affordable.

midiDREAMs by Arthur Kerns is available now on the AppStore for $9.99 USD.

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