UVI 8-Bit Synth, A Virtual Instrument Plugin Packed With Retro Lo-Fi Sounds

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UVI 8-Bit Synth is a virtual instrument that sends musicians back on a sound journey to the 80s, packed with the characterful, lo-fi that we love today

Sample libraries or a full-fledged Synthesizer. One of the questions you have to answer while composing. Both are instruments but connected with a different approach. Libraries are often more for musicians who like to use presets, full synths are more for the sound crafters. Libraries can also be very useful for those who like to make sounds from scratch, especially if they offer timbres that you cannot easily create yourself. Like big orchestral sounds, unusual percussive elements…

UVI today released 8-Bit Synth, a virtual instrument that fits exactly into this category. It’s a sample-based plugin that delivers the authentic sounds of vintage game systems, chip synths, and computers. Sounds that are more noisy, lo-fi, rich in harmonics, and full of character.

UVI 8-Bit Synth

UVI 8-Bit Synth

Before some readers experience GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), it should be said that this instrument is included in the UVI Toy Suite. So owners of this bundle already have this virtual instrument.

For this release, UVI has sampled the iconic sounds from vintage game systems, chip synths, and computers. Including the SID Station, Commodore 64, Gameboy, Mod Machine, and more. Over 30,000 samples were recorded and embedded in a typical UVI interface. The in-house sound designers have built over 370 presets from them which are fully customizable via the interface.

Each 8-Bit Synth patch has two layers, multimode filter, amp & filter envelopes, pitch & stereo controls. Then you have handy modwheel assignments, step & LFO modulators, fully-editable arpeggiators, and a master effect section. The latter has a 3-band EQ, drive, the lovely Thorus effect, ensemble, Phasor, delay, and the lush-sounding Sparkverb reverb.

The plugin ships with a wide variety of cross-genre sounds including bass, bells, brass, chords, drums, FX, keys, leads, pads, plucks, polysynths, and more. From classic game sounds to modern timbres, 8-bit Synth has a lot to offer.

At first glance, it looks like a beautiful library from UVI that has been developed with great care. This library is certainly interesting for musicians who would like to have that certain something in their compositions

UVI 8-bit Synth is available now for an introductory price of 59€ instead of 99€. It runs as a library inside Falcon 2 Synthesizer or in the free UVI Workstation. The library is protected by iLok with simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

More information here: UVI

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