AudioKit Pro SNESynth, iOS AUv3 Synthesizer takes you back to the retro Nintendo days

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AudioKit Pro SNES is a new iOS AUv3 Synthesizer that takes you back to the iconic Nintendo SNES 16-bit sound days.

The market for iOS music apps is constantly growing. With apps from large companies as well as small community-driven developer companies. Among the latter is AudioKit Pro, led by Matthew Fecher. In recent years he has released numerous exciting, super affordable iOS synth apps that often focus on specific topics.

Their latest app, the King of Bass, dealt with easy-to-achieve classy bass sounds. New to the portfolio is the SNESynth, an AUv3 Synthesizer that brings back the good old days of the Nintendo SNES video console to your iOS device.

AudioKit Pro SNESynth

AudioKit Pro SNESynth

SNESynth takes you back to the Nintendo SNES, especially in its distinctive 16-bit sound. What many do not know about retro consoles is that they used audio engines based on real-time synthesis.

It didn’t come off the tape like it does nowadays. According to various sources, the SNES processed sound with two chips, a processing core, and a DSP.

To get this authentic vibe in an app, the AudioKit Pro developers have multi-sampled the 16-bit synth engine of the Nintendo SNES. However, they didn’t sample video games themselves. The result is 2500+ samples and 240+ multi-sampled PCM sources from video game chips powered by a custom AudioKit synth engine.

The SNESynth AUv3 Synthesizer features two oscillators, each of which can contain either a sampled source or a classic VA source. Plus, you get classic controls, including level, tune, fine, pan, and PWM for the pulse waveform. The latter is a must in a chiptune synth as it’s the heart of this iconic sound.

AudioKit Pro SNESynth


From here, it goes into an analog-style filter for additional shaping. Then, you get two FXs: a bit-crusher and a fire FX that adds heat to your sounds. On the modulation side, you have a multi-wave LFO with a re-trigger option and two destinations as well as a full ADSR envelope for each layer. It also hosts a free-running step sequencer with a “magical gate”.

The app also features onboard recording, so you can easily capture your melodies and export them to other apps or your computer. It supports MIDI, has Ableton Link support, and is an AUv3 plugin. This allows you to run the app in multiple instances.

AudioKit Pro ships the app with over 400+ presets for instant inspiration created in collaboration with the iOS music community: Analog Matthew, Cokomairena, DMT Cymatics, Electronisounds, GarageBand Guide, Gavinski… to name a few. Thanks to the flexible engine, you can also create easily your own lo-fi patches.

First Impression

Another beautiful strict-to-the-point synth app from the AudioKit Pro developers. What is particularly good about these apps is that you can get great sounds without any major hurdles. You don’t have to be a sound programming professor to make the synth sound great.

AudioKit Pro SNESynth: Chiptune Power is available now for an introductory price of $2,99 instead of $14,99. It runs as a standalone and AUv3 plugin on iPhones and iPads (iOS). If you buy the app during the introduction offer, you get a free expansion on top.

More information here: AudioKit Pro 

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