Walrus Audio Meraki, new stereo analog delay pedal with 8 BBDs

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Walrus Audio Meraki is a new stereo analog delay pedal with eight bucket brigade (BBD) chips in its core for warm, rich repeats.

Delays are effects loved by guitarists and Synthesizer players alike. Analog delays are mainly available for mono setups, while stereo delays are more digital. This is mainly because of the development.  In 2023, you can observe that the number of stereo analog delay was growing again a bit. Finally! 

With the DM-101, BOSS has shown an exciting stereo analog delay with a digital control control. There is one more for 2023. Walrus has presented the Meraki, a new stereo analog delay in a limited edition. Not as deep as the DM-101 but rather classic. 

Walrus Audio Meraki

Walrus Audio Meraki

Meraki is a new stereo analog delay that uses 8 MN3005 BBD chips to create warm, rich repeats. According to Walrus Audio, it is capable of creating of 1200ms of delay time.

A highlight are the three unique feedback operation modes. You can run the delays in parallel, ping-pong, and series.

  • Parallel: left and right feedback paths are independent of each other. Left repeats feedback into the left input. Right repeats feedback into the right input.
  • Ping-Pong: The left repeats feedback into the right input, and the right repeats feedback to the left input; The repeats bounce from one side to the other.
  • Series: The left repeats feedback into the Left channel and is sent to the input of the Right delay line as well. The right repeats, with the addition of the left repeats feedback into the right input. Use this mode to create interesting syncopated delay rhythms.

The pedal can be easily operated from the interface without any hassle. Without menus, like you expect it from an analog pedal.

Walrus Audio Meraki

Meraki gives you independent control over the delay times and modulation of the left and right channels to create syncopated repeats. You can also keep them locked into the same timing for classic repeat sounds.

Hands-on Interface Controls

  • mix adjust the overall level of the repeats in both the left and right channels 
  • dedicated controls for the feedback left and right, with full oscillation option 
  • time adjust the delay time, from 80-1200ms
  • tone hosts a Tilt EQ in the delay line to shape the tone of the delays 
  • mod depth (switchable to mod rate ) adjusts the depth of modulation in the repeats, creating a chorus/vibrato effect in the repeats
  • tap division left: choose between quarter note, dotted eighth, and eighth note repeats in the left channel. It has a secondary function (mod wave shaper with sine, square, and random wave shapes) 
  • tap division right: choose between quarter note, dotted eighth, and eighth note repeats in the right channel. Secondary function: change the mod phase
  • feedback mode switch (parallel, ping-pong, and series)
  • sync/left/right switch 
  • bypass switch 
  • bypass modes (trails or relay (no trails)
  • expression tap/expression pedal

The pedal has stereo connectivity on two 6.3mm inputs and puts, an expression pedal input, and full MIDI support via 5-pin DIN MIDI sockets. 

Finally, it requires a 9VDC 500mA, center-negative power supply. It’s not included in the box.

First Impression

A beauty of a pedal. It’s very classic, but exactly how an analog pedal should be. No menu diving and with a menu diving that inspires and is straight to the point. Plus, it sounds gorgeous.

Walrus Audio Meraki is available now for $599,99 + shipping/669€. A special BLACKED OUT limited edition is available on Reverb.com (500 units).

More information here: Walrus Audio /Reverb.com

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