Make Noise + Alessandro Cortini, New Sound Design Product Coming Soon

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Make Noise is about to release a new sound design product (synthesizer, effect … who knows), developed in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini (NIN).

For a few days, there have been indications that Make Noise will also benefit from the virtual NAMM 2021 coverage and will present something new. Currently, only small snippets and a short sound demo are available. This comes from none other than Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails).

There are currently only small snippets and sound demos to watch. This comes from none other than Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails). According to the first information, the product is made in close collaboration between the two parties. 

Make Noise Alessandro Cortini

Make Noise + Alessandro Cortini

Not much can be seen at the first teasers except tones, filter, and activation. I think that it won’t be a Eurorack module because the interface seems bigger at first glance. In a tweet, Alessandro wrote: ” 

What I meant was that there might be something else we have been working on, to use the 0-CTRL with aside from the 0-Coast.

This goes in the direction of a new desktop device that fits beside the O-Coast and O-CTRL. We may see the big version of the 0-coast Synthesizer with more sophisticated features (more oscillators, waveshapers…). A west-coast inspired effect box, less with classic effects (delays, reverb) but one that goes deeper would also be possible. Like a semi-modular sound, design box built around waveshapers, filters, tape saturation, distortions, … etc. Alessandro Cortini likes to use sounds that are very saturating, and dense in his songs. Would be a nice idea for an fx box. 

The first sound demo sounds very promising

More information will follow here: Make Noise

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  1. The more I listen to that the more it reminds me of an extremely aggressive phaser action with perhaps some wave folding also going on… I hope it isn’t just an expanded 0-Coast, but something new in that ecosystem.

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