IK Multimedia X-SPACE stereo reverb pedal sound demos with synthesizers

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IK Multimedia X-SPACE is a new stereo reverb pedal with 16 unique reverb algorithms, here are sound demos with synthesizers and more.

Effect pedals can take synthesizers or any other electronic instrument in a new sonic direction. For example, a simple delay and reverb makes your sounds bigger and atmospheric while distortions can add a lot of character. Yes distortions aren’t just for epic rock and metal riffs, they also harmonizes nicely with synth sounds.

IK Multimedia released its first hardware effect pedals last year called X-GEAR. I am currently testing the Delay (X-TIME) and the Reverb (X-SPACE), both in stereo and very extensive in algorithms.

IK Multimedia X-SPACE Sound Demos

I’ve released two sound demos to show you the sound quality of these. Unlike many other current YouTube demos, I didn’t pick up a guitar, but used to test it with electronic sounds. As a sound generator I uses the MASCHINE+ from Native Instruments with its many great-sounding synthesizers.

The X-Space pedal has 16 different stereo algorithms, each with a number of hands-on parameters. Settings can be saved as a preset in one of the 300 available slots. The pedals ships with 50 factory presets. Thus, you have plenty space for your own patches. The following algorithms are available:

  • Shimmer 1, Shimmer 2, Hall, Room, Chamber, Church, Plate, Spring, Swell, Gate, Reverse, Early-Ref, Extreme, Ethereal, Bloom, and Magnetic.

It’s a nice mix of classic algorithms but also special ones. A full review will follow shortly. But what I can already reveal, attention spoiler: the quality of these is very good.

IK Multimedia X-SPACE is available now for 349€.

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